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Sustainable Living Guide
(a People & Planet-Friendly Gateway & Guide)

This guide is all about sustainable living – activities and choices that can help sustain your health, your spirit, and the planet. The focus is on positive, constructive things you can do in your home, at work, at school, and at play. From bicycling to organic gardening... from non-toxic home and garden products, to strawbale homes... from co-ops to ecovillages... there's an amazing variety to explore and experience. You will find how to's, tips & ideas, products & services, organizations, education, employment and more.

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Revised: Green Jobs · Eco-Events & Conferences · Environmental Volunteering

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(1) How To Be Green – general guides

What You Can Do (from Environment Canada)
Eartheasy – activities & ideas to live more simply, efficiently and with less impact on the environment.
How To Be Green (printable factsheet) (right click to "save target")
The New American Dream (More Fun, Less Stuff)
Busy Person's Guide To Greener Living (links directory) (USA-based)
Community Action Ideas
How To Stay Healthy & Still Eat Chocolate (book & website) (Canada, 2002)
Responsible Buying & Consumption (USA)
Personal Solutions for Climate Change (Canada)
Living Sustainably (USA-based)
Canadian Green Consumer Guide & Green Business Guides (print)
What can you do? Where to start? (Canada)

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(2) Home & Garden (cleaning, pests, 3R's, compost, water, energy...)

Living Green Factsheets- reduce, reuse, recycle; green cleaning; food, water & kitchen; laundry; garden; composting; at work; at school; in your community
Toxics In The Home (and alternatives)
Home Energy Efficiency & pesticide-free gardening

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(3) Food, Gardening, Agriculture

Organic Opportunity – organized directory of links & resources on food, gardening & agriculture
Consumers Guide to Eating Organics (order or download)
Not Genetically-modified Shopper's Guide
Vegetarianism & Veganism
Farmers’ Markets Ontario
Food Co-ops Toronto:
Community Supported Agriculture
Community Gardening (1) (2)
Organic Landscapers & Lawncare
Wwoofing (volunteer/barter/travel at organic farms & gardens worldwide)
Trees & Forests

Related pages at
Organic Opportunity
Worldwide Opportunities on organic farms & gardens
Permaculture Links & Opportunities
Don't Pave It!

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(4) Healthy Homes, Renovation & Construction

Healthy Construction & Renovation, Indoor Air, Non-toxic Materials
Healthy Renovations Workshops: Toronto: Near Toronto: Ottawa:
Healthy House Institute (books, articles, links)
Healthy Homes Consulting
Indoor Air Quality
Environmentally Safe Materials
Home Performance Evaluations (Ontario) "Get your home running at peak performance. Impartial recommendations."
Renewable Energy & Home Power
CMHC's Healthy House in Toronto
Advanced Buildings
Alberta Sustainable Home
Green Building Directory (professionals, books, articles, events, links)
The Art of Natural Building (on-line book, videos, more)
Strawbale Construction: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Healthiest Home and Building Supplies, Ottawa
Sustainable Architecture Links

Related pages at
Health & Non-Toxic Living
Strawbale Construction
Home Power, Conservation & Renewable Energy

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(5) Personal & Family Health

Health Resources & Alternatives, Non-Toxic Living
Stress, Burnout, Relaxation, Meditation, Peace

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(6) Green Products & Services (storefronts, mail order and websites)

Grassroots Environmental Products 416-944-1993 416-466-2841
Healthy Home Services 416-410-4247
Earth Concerns Cleaning Service- an environmentally-friendly, health conscious cleaning service in Toronto
Planet-Friendly Products & Services
Environmental Stores
Toronto the Better

Ontario, Canada & elsewhere
Arbour Environmental Shoppe (Ottawa & online) 613-567-3168
Natural Life (products, books, articles, magazine) (Canada, online & at events) (Canada, online)
Real Goods (USA) - products for an ecologically sustainable future
GreenPeople (USA) - large, searchable directory/database of companies, products, services
Planet-Friendly Products & Services
Environmental Stores

See also our guides to Greener, Healthier, Friendlier Gifts and Fair Trade (and many of the other sections on this page).

Ecologo/Ecobuyer/Environmental Choice

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(7) Books (Sustainable Living, Community, Social Change)

Natural Life Books: books for sustainable living (Canada)
Chelsea Green: books for sustainable living (USA)
Yes Magazine book reviews
New Society Publishing: sustainable living, environment, community, conflict, more (USA)
Seasoned Booksellers: hard to find and out of print books on sustainability, renewable energy, wilderness adventures and back-to-the-land skills (USA)
Real Goods: books, CD's & videos (USA)
Sustainable Living Books 416-410-7581 (website launch early 2003)
Detour Publications: transportation & urban ecology (books & videos) (Canada)
New Internationalist Books (click "books")
Eco Books (USA)
Community Bookshelf (USA)
Food & gardening books
Alternative bookstores & publishers (Canada)
Resources for Radicals (large bibliography of print resources, $12)
Progressive bookstores in Toronto & Canada:

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(8) Magazines (print & online)

Print Magazines & Journals

We've separated this list into two parts. The first includes magazines that focus on immediate, practical things you can do at home, school and work. The second list includes those that are more about environmental or social activism, news, politics, economics and spirituality. The separation is somewhat arbitrary – be sure to check both sections for interesting and valuable reading. Many magazines make at least some of their content available on their websites. Canadian publications are indicated by an asterisk*. Don't know where to start? Some of the lighter, more general interest publications are indicated in bold.

Sustainable Living at Home, School and Work
Back Home Magazine
Canadian Journal of Environmental Education*
Car Busters
Communities Magazine
Corporate Knights*
Down to the Roots Homesteading Magazine
E Magazine
Canadian Organic Grower (formerly Eco Farm & Garden)*
EcoParent Magazine
Green at Work
Green Guide
Green Living Magazine
Green Teacher*
Harrowsmith Country Life*
Home Power Magazine
Momentum Magazine* ...for self-propelled people,
Mother Earth News
Natural Home Magazine
Natural Life Magazine*
Organic Earth Magazine* search (formerly
Organic Gardening
Permaculture Activist
Women & Environments*

Environment, News, Opinion, Politics, Activism, Spirituality...
The ACTivist Magazine*
Canadian Dimension*
Canadian Geographic
Canadian Perspectives* (click on "resources")
Car Busters
Covert Action Quarterly
Earth First! Journal
Earth Island Journal
Global Outlook*
Grist Magazine
Mother Jones
National Geographic
New Internationalist
Orion Magazine
Peace Magazine*
Ram's Horn*
Sustainable Times*
This Magazine*
Utne Reader
Watershed Sentinel*
Wild Earth Magazine
Wildflower Magazine
Whole Earth
World Watch
Z Magazine

Disticor Magazine Distribution Services (2)

Where to Purchase – If possible, subscribe directly for the best deal and to help support these publications. Or, to purchase at a local outlet, see our list of progressive bookstores and websites across Canada & USA (many have great magazine racks).

Finished reading? – Take your used magazines to the doctor's waiting room or other public place where they will be read by others.

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(9) Green Travel & Recreation

Recreation & Sports

Gardening & permaculture
Parks, Outdoors & Nature (Ontario & Canada)
Walking & Hiking
Outdoor Recreation in Canada
Outdoor Recreation in Ontario
Outdoor Clubs in the Toronto Region
Mountain Equipment Co-op (gear for self-propelled activities)
Events & Activities in Ontario & beyond (2)
Art & Music
Throw Away Your TV

Green Travel & Eco-Travel

Eco-Experience Places (North America & worldwide)
WWOOF (thousands of organic gardens, farms & businesses around the world)
Ecovillages & Intentional Communities diggersanddreamers The Community Page
Long Distance Cycling, Walking, Hiking, Trekking & Tramping: Lonely Planet's activity/interest guides | travelogues (2)
Budget Travel – not only cheaper, but is in many ways better. It tends to be much more educational, experiential and "real".
Hostelling – especially rural hostels, an undiscovered gem for all ages. They offer private as well as shared accommodation and many educational and recreational opportunities.
Working Holidays
Work Your Way Around The World (book)
Ecotourism – Worldwide | North America | Toronto & Area
Educational Travel
Student Travel
Arthur Frommer's New World of Travel – a landmark book on alternative, educational & eco-travel (search).
Natural Food Stores & Vegetarian Restaurants – Canada: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) USA: (1) (2) (3) (4) More: (1) (2) (3)

Related pages at
Learning Centres & Places across North America
Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms & Gardens
Ecovillages & Intentional Communities

People- &
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(10) Green Transportation

Public Transportation
Toronto & Central Ontario:
Local Public Transit across Canada:
Intercity Bus Service across Canada: (2) (3)
Bus Terminals across Canada: (with local phone numbers)

Car Pooling & Ride Sharing Europe:
Canada & US: | Montreal based: | |
Mostly US:
Ride Registries: Geronimo, CA – a safe way to Hitchhike. Hitchhiking: (1) (2)
Car Sharing – Canada: Toronto: & Ottawa: USA & Global:
Car Rentals (can be much more affordable and sustainable than owning)
Car-Free – cars are not as convenient as they may seem:

Bicycling Momentum Magazine (Canada) | Bicycling Magazine (US) | International Bike Fund | Google Directory: Cycling
Bike to Work Bicycle Commuting | Utility Cycling | Commuting_and_Advocacy | Toronto Cycling | Google Search
Bikesharing | Community Bicycle Program Bike Sharing at the Plant or Office
Community Bicycle Network (Toronto)
Cycling Advocacy: Toronto Bike Union | Citizens for Safe Cycling (Ottawa) | Velo Ontario | Toronto Cycling Links
PediCabs & Rickshaws: Search
Human Powered Vehicles: Google Directory


More | Get a Car or Get a Life

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(11) Renewable Energy & Conservation

Power That Doesn't Destroy – Green, Renewable Energy and Conservation
The Blackout, Emergencies, Energy & You

People- &
              Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(12) Appropriate Technology

Appropriate Technology Google search "appropriate technology" | Science & Technology -- Issues and Ethics | Technology and Society
Living Machines in Ontario: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (more)
The Carbohydrate Economy
(see also sections on food, transport, energy, etc.)

People- &
              Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(13) Healthy, Sustainable Community

How To Build Community (poster, t-shirt, notecard, post card) (2.) (3.) (4.) In Toronto: (5.) (6.)
Building Strong Community – Resources
Building Strong Community – Books
Livable Communities
Walkable Communities
Sustainable Communities
Healthy Communities
Alternative Communities
Preventing Sprawl

Related pages at
Create Community Anywhere
Don't Pave It!

People- &
              Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(14) Ecovillages, Intentional Community, Cohousing, Cooperative Housing

The Community Page (incl. ecovillages, cohousing, cooperatives, healthy & livable community, intentional community)
Global Ecovillage Network Canada: (see also
How To Build Community (poster, t-shirt, notecard, post card) (2.) (3.) (4.) In Toronto: (5.) (6.)
Building Strong Community – Resources
Building Strong Community – Books

Related pages at
Create Community Anywhere

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              Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(15) Events, Courses, Workshops, Outings, Conferences, Apprenticeships

People- & Planet-Friendly (including latest newsletter; calendar; more)
Organic Opportunity (scroll down to the "Events & Conferences" section)
Learning Centres & Places (Canada & USA)
Seventh Generation (Ottawa area, Canada)
Progressive Event Calendars (directory of links to other calendars)

USA & International:
Culture's Edge (ecovillage, sustainable living, permaculture, natural building) (
Permaculture (
Intentional Community, Permaculture, Sustainable Living (
Ecovillages & Sustainable Living (click "Calendar")
Progressive Event Calendars

People- &
              Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(16) Environmental & Alternative Education

Learning Centres & Places (across North America)
Environmental Education Links
Alternative Schools & Homeschooling
Green Teacher Magazine (primary & secondary)
Env. Studies Programs in Canada (university undergrad & graduate)
People- & Planet-Friendly (including latest newsletter; calendar; links to other calendars; more)

People- &
              Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(17) Environmental Organizations, Groups & Resources

Ontario Environment Network – 700 groups across Ontario, Canada groups resource book
Canadian Environmental Network (with links to other provincial/regional networks)
People- & Planet-Friendly Directory (Canada)
The Green Pages (Canada)
Green Ontario directory of "major" environmental groups in Ontario (Canada)

Related pages at
Environmental Directories, Portals & Networks

People- &
              Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(18) Green/Ethical Jobs, Volunteering & Apprenticeships

GoodWork! Jobs, Volunteering & Apprenticeships (Canada)
GoodWork Links
Organic Opportunity (scroll down to Section (D) Jobs, Apprenticeships & Business Opportunities)
Avoiding Conflict of Interest and Greenwash
Questioning Business

People- &
              Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(19) Green Business, Sustainable Industry

See also section (6) Green Products & Services and other sections, above & below.

Green Business & Environmental Economics
Sustainable Business
Greening the Workplace
Green@work Magazine
Natural Capitalism
The Natural Step (a framework for sustainability)
Cooperatives: Canada: USA: More: (2)
Questioning Business (quotes & link directory)
Corporate Watch Petrotyranny Google
Ethics & Conflict of Interest (2) (2)
Sustainable Economics Links
Green Business, Economics & Links
Environmental Economics (2)
The Commons
Race to The Bottom
The Open Source Approach
Environmental Economics Books

The Carbohydrate Economy
Living Machines in Ontario: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (more)

Community Economic Development

Local Economic Trading Systems (LETS) & Barter
Peterborough LETS | Ithaca Hours | Toronto Dollars (2) | Ottawa LETS | (2) |
Other LETS systems in Canada (at bottom) | LETS Links
Google Directory: Local Currency Systems | Alternative Monetary Systems | Barter

Environment Industry Listings
Canadian Environmental
Ontario Environment Business Directory
Canadian Environment Industry Association

Related pages at
Questioning Business
What is the commons?
Avoiding Conflict of Interest and Greenwash
Alternative Media Guide

"If an economy is to sustain progress, it must satisfy the basic principles
of ecology. If it does not, it will decline and eventually collapse. There is
no middle ground." – Lester Brown (
1) (2) (3)

People- &
              Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(20) Faith & Spirituality

Caring for Creation
Quaker Ecology Action Network
Quaker Earthcare Witness
Elliott Allen Institute for Theology & Ecology
Deep Ecology
Canadian Council of Churches - Biotechnology

Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives
Faith & the Common Good
Ecumenical Coalition for Economic Justice
The Catholic Worker Movement [ecumenical]
Canadian Council of Churches - Justice & Peace
Challenge the Church for a Just World Youth Day
Quaker Responses to the "War on Terrorism"
Toronto Faith Action Network
National Religious Partnership for the Environment (USA)
Earth Ministry
Target Earth

Religions of the World and Ecology (conference series at Harvard)
Forum on Religion and Ecology
Religion and Ecology: Daedalus Journal

Personal Growth, Motivation, Inspiration & Self-Help

Sanctuaries – guide to lodgings in Monasteries, Abbeys & Retreats (USA) (search)

People- &
              Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(21) Simple Living, Voluntary Simplicity, Frugality

Frugality Websites, Books & Resources
Simple Living Websites, Books & Resources
Voluntary Simplicity Articles
Adbusters Magazine
Sustainable Living Guide

People- &
              Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(22) Activism How To's & Resources

Activism Resources & How to be An Activist
An introduction and portal to activism, education, community involvement,
and social change. Guides, definitions, approaches, themes, stories,
how to be an activist.

"Never doubt that a small number of dedicated people can change the world,
indeed it is the only thing that ever has" - Margaret Mead

People- &
              Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(23) Directories, Portals & Networks

Please see the sections above for links and directories dealing with specific topics.

For more general directories, portals and networks, please see the Eco-Portals page.

For a listing of all of our directories, guides and special editions on People- & Planet-Friendly topics, please see the People- & Planet-Friendly Directory.

People- &
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(24) Sustainable Living Experiences - Organic farms, gardens and appropriate technology learning opportunities, volunteering, work exchange, apprenticeships, eco-travel. A rare opportunity to experience a more sustainable way of life. Descriptive listings of 400 organic farms, homes, gardens & businesses across Canada. An amazing diversity of hosts offer opportunities – from a few days to a few months – where you can work in exchange for room, board, learning & fun. Locations across Canada and around the world. Get hands-on experience, make new friends & support the organic movement. Working / learning opportunities vary from organic farming & gardening, to cooking, activism, carpentry, admin, creative work, childcare – the type and amount of work is negotiated between you & the host. From solar-powered to strawbale homes, from herbs to orchards to rare-breed cattle, from swimming holes to gourmet cooking – the variety is endless. Year-round; all ages. Membership is $30/year; this gets you a fascinating booklet describing over 400 organic farms, gardens & businesses across Canada. "World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms"; also known as "Willing Workers On Organic Farms". Canada: John Vanden Heuvel, WWOOF Canada, 4429 Carlson Road, Nelson, BC, Canada, VIL 6X3. Tel. 250-354-4417 (please call Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Pacific Time). USA: , , , , , Worldwide: ,
See also:

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Learning Centres & Places

Organic Opportunity – Sustainable Food, Gardening & Agriculture
Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms & Gardens (WWOOF)
Strawbale Construction
Don't Pave It!

The Blackout, Emergencies, Energy & You
Power That Doesn't Destroy

Health Resources & Alternatives
Create Community Anywhere

GoodWork – Jobs, Volunteering, Apprenticeships
GoodWork Links
Avoiding Conflict of Interest and Greenwash

Green Gift Ideas
Alternative Voices – Alternative Media Guide

Environmental Directories, Portals & Networks
People- & Planet-Friendly Directory
People- & Planet-Friendly (homepage)

Events, Workshops, Courses & Activities

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