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The Blackout, Energy & You
(a People- & Planet-Friendly Portal & Guide)

(A) Introduction
Power Outage Announcements & Appeals
Emergencies Tips, Preparedness & Supplies
Save Electricity, Save Money, Save the Planet
Media Reports, Press Releases & Links
Energy Organizations, Government & Utilities
Energy & Electricity (more links)
Energy Calendar: Conferences, Fairs, Workshops & Meetings

(A) Introduction

This edition provides a unique collection of tips, information, resources and upcoming events related to the blackout. The focus is on what you can do in your home, your workplace, your community ...and your planet.

For many, energy seems a rather esoteric topic. Most of us have nothing to do with it beyond paying our monthly bills.

Like magic, our electricity, natural gas, oil and gasoline are there when we need them. Not only do we take it for granted, but we are largely unaware or unconcerned about the harm we cause -- to ourselves, others and the planet – by the energy we use.

But the system is not as secure – or sustainable – as it might seem. As the blackout shows, it can fail suddenly and without warning. Day by day, it also creates smog, acid rain, climate change and nuclear waste. Both fossil fuel and nuclear energy have major health, safety and environmental concerns. Dependence on fossil fuel and other unsustainable, centralized technologies is also a major cause of war.

It's up to all of us, at all levels of society, to lead ourselves out of this crazy situation. There is much we can do to solve these issues – and in so doing, discover a healthier, happier lifestyle.

– Peter Blanchard

"Centralization of power, whether political or electrical, is always a critical problem [...] I do hope this will serve as a wake-up call to this, along with the problem of over-reliance on so-called 'modern' technologies." – Russell McOrmond [ ]

"Eastern power outage unfortunate but entirely predictable... Americans should look to distributed, diverse, and resilient clean technologies" - Rocky Mountain Institute

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(B) Power Outage Announcements & Appeals

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Power outage advisories, announcements & appeals from the Government of Ontario (and municipalities). Follow these links to find the latest announcements from government.

Power Recovery in Ontario (alt. link)

Power Outage Announcements, Tips, Appeals & Phone Numbers (Government of Ontario) and (will be archived here)

Ontario Power Outage General Inquiry Hotline: 1-800-268-1154.

Cities & Towns – Toronto ; Ottawa ; Other Cities & Towns in Canada: (click on the letter of the alphabet for your community).

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(C) Emergencies – Personal & Community Preparedness

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Emergency Preparedness at Home & Work
– Tips, Preparation & Supplies (USA)

Emergency Preparedness Week (annual, May)

Alternatives to Air Conditioning

Simplicity & Sustainable Living
Create Community Anywhere

Voluntary Simplicity

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Emergency Preparedness – Organizations & Government

Cities & Towns
Emergency Management


Other Cities & Towns in Canada:
(click on the letter of the alphabet for your community)

Canadian Government
Safety and Security for Canadians
Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection & Emergency Preparedness

Ontario Government
Ontario Government Home Page (search)
Ministry of Public Safety & Security
Emergency Management Ontario

U.S. Government
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Organizations & Resources
Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness
Natural Disasters & Hazards in Canada (book)

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Emergency Preparedness Events & Training

World Conference on Disaster Management, 14th Annual, June 20-23, 2004, Toronto, Canada

More conferences, workshops, training: (2)

See also Energy Conferences, Fairs, Workshops & Meetings, below.

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Protecting Your Files (and your computer)

A power failure – not to mention human error, computer viruses, mechanical failure – can wipe out your entire hard drive in an instant. A good backup habit can save a lot of grief – a few minute's effort can save you from losing hundreds of hours of your work, data, e-mails, contacts, etc.

Also, whenever there is a thunderstorm nearby or likelihood of other electrical interruptions, it's a good idea to unplug your computer entirely – from both the power and phone line. In addition, a high-quality surge protector or UPS can provide some degree of protection while your computer is turned on.

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(D) Save Electricity – Save Money – Save the Planet

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Energy-Saving Tips, Tricks & Resources

Power Recovery & Electricity Conservation – appeal from the Government of Ontario (alt. link) (includes tips on reducing electricity consumption at home and work, plus other power outage tips & info). For more announcements, see "Advisories & Announcements, above.

Energy Tips & Information
Home Energy Magazine – Feature Article Archive
Home Energy Magazine
Clean Air Consumer Guide
(order a free copy or download PDF; plus lots of online info & links)

Home Energy Audits (home visits)
Toronto: Green$aver
Ottawa: EnviroCentre
Other towns: Green Communities Association
Home Performance Experts (Canada)

Alternatives to Air Conditioning
Including: Cooling Your Home Naturally; Cooling Your Home with Fans & Ventilation; All About Ceiling Fans; Ceiling Fan Llinks & Resources.

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Home-Made Power (grid-connected and off-the-grid)

Home Power Magazine
Private Power Magazine (Canadian)
Home Energy Magazine

Renewable Energy Businesses & Consultants (Canada)

Home Power Workshops & Renewable Energy Courses: see Learning Centres & Places including Kortright Centre (2); the Renewable Energy Organizations listed below; the Energy Events Calendar at bottom; and the People- & Planet-Friendly Calendar.

Power That Doesn't Destroy
Learning Centres & Places
Sustainable Living Links

See also Canadian Green Energy Organizations and Energy Events, below, and Energy-Saving Tips, above.

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(E) Media Reports, Press Releases & Links

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Articles & Features

"When Joel Swisher, the leader of the Energy & Resources Services team for the Rocky Mountain Institute, saw House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and other politicians take to the airwaves last week, calling for more oil drilling, construction of more centralized power generation facilities and building more miles of power lines in response to the largest blackout in U.S. history, he was skeptical. The campaign, launched before the cause of the blackout was identified and before all the lights were even back on, looked like the old political switcheroo. You know, switch off the air conditioning long enough, and the ignorant masses will agree to anything." – Preventing Blackouts is in Our Power, by Diane Carman for The Denver Post, Aug 20, 2003.,1413,36~53~1579937,00.html

Eastern Power Outage Unfortunate but Entirely Predictable – "Americans should look to distributed, diverse, and resilient clean technologies". – Rocky Mountain Institute

Towering Design Flaws (by Amory Lovins, RMI)

Lights Out (Time Magazine)

Preventing Blackouts is in Our Power,1413,36~53~1579937,00.html

Radical Changes Needed in Approach to Energy Policy

Time to Escape From the Grid?,1284,60089,00.html

The World Can Indeed Survive With a Lot Less Oil

Blackout Shines Light on Congress' Efforts to Oversee Power Transmission

We Predicted This: Energy Expert

Oil – The World's Largest Addiction

Blackout Puts Privatizers and Deregulators on Hotseat

CBC In Depth: Power Outage
Power consumption edges toward red zone

How Grids Can Fail – System's Fragility Highlighted,12271,1019787,00.html

What About the Food Supply?
The Food System, Security & Sustainability


People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Media Links

Public Radio

Radio Stations across Canada

CBC (website, radio, TV)

Commercial Newspapers
Globe and Mail
Toronto Star (click "blackout" under "special reports" at left)
National Post
The Guardian

Alternative & Mainstream Media Guide

Public Discussion

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(F) Energy Organizations, Government & Utilities

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Canadian Green Energy Organizations & Campaigns
(in alphabetical order)

About Biodiesel
BC Sustainable Energy Association
Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout
Canadian Associaton for Renewable Energies
Canadian District Energy Association
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
Canadian Solar Industries Association
Canadian Wind Energy Association
Citizens for Renewable Energy
Clean Air Alliance
Clean Air Partnership
Climate Action Network
Earth Energy Society
Electricity Choices
Energy Action (US & Canada)
Energy Efficiency Alliance
Energy Probe
Green Communities Association
Green Ontario
Independent Power Producers' Society of Ontario
MicroPower Connect
Ontario Environment Network - Energy Caucus
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association
Pembina Institute
Pollution Probe
Post Carbon Institute (USA & Canada)
Sierra Club of Canada
Solar Energy Society of Canada
Talk Energy
Toronto Environmental Alliance
Windshare Co-op. (Toronto)

Rocky Mountain Institute
(for more USA organizations, see section G, below)

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Government Ministries & Departments
(Canada, Ontario & US)

Energy Sector (Canada)
National Energy Board
Office of Energy Efficiency (Canada)
Ontario Ministry of Energy
Ontario Energy Board
Toronto Atmospheric Fund
US Department of Energy


Ontario Utilities
Canadian Utilities (shorter list)

North American Electric Reliability Council

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(G) Energy & Electricity – more links

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Electricity Privatization (see also the organizations in section F, above)

Electricity Centralization (see also sections E and F, above)

Problems with Highly Centralized Power Systems

Electricity Centralization vs Decentralization

Energy Directories & Networks

The Blackout, Energy & You

Power That Doesn't Destroy

Energy Caucus (Ontario Environment Network)

The Green Pages – Energy

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Links

Energy Links

Energy and Environment

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

(H) Energy Events, Fairs, Conferences, Workshops, Meetings

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

2003 and 2004, in order by date; followed by recurring/ongoing; followed by links to other calendars. Mostly in Canada.

2003 Upcoming

Solar Conference: The Future is Bright, Mon-Wed Aug 18-20, Kingston, ON

Stop E$$0 Organizing Meeting, Mon Aug 18, Toronto, ON

Sunfest 2003 – Wind & Solar, Strawbale, Sat Sept 6, near Orangeville, ON

Energy in Canada: Time to Reinvent the Wheel, Sept 7-9, 2003, Quebec, QC

Renewable Energy Course, Mohawk College, begins Sept 8, 2003, Hamilton, ON

ReCharge Energy Expo & Conference, Sept 12-13, 2003, Bear Mountain State Park, NY

Wind Power Public Forum (free) , Thurs Sept 18, Toronto ON.

Solar & Wind Energy Workshop - Level 1, Sat Sep 20, Kleinberg

Canadian Wind Energy Association Conference & Trade Show, Sept 21-24, Pincher Creek, AB

GTA Infrastructure Summit, Sept 22-23, 2003, Toronto ON

The Ottawa Valley: Community Planning Workshop & Tradeshow, Oct 2-3, Barry's Bay

Solar & Wind Energy Workshop - Level 1, Sat Oct 4, Kleinberg

Solar & Wind Energy Workshop - Level 2, Sat Oct 18, Kleinberg

Solar Workshop - Level 3, Sun Oct 19, Kleinberg

Energy Efficiency Expo, Sustainable Energy Expo, Environmental Solutions Expo, Oct 21-23, London, England.

Solar Hot Water Heating Workshop, Sat Oct 25, Kleinberg

CERI Electricity Conference, Oct 27-28, 2003, Calgary, AB

Solar & Wind Energy Workshop - Level 3, Sat Nov 1, Kleinberg

Solar Hot Water Heating Workshop, Sun Nov 2, Kleinberg

Ethanol for Transportation – World Summit, Nov 2-4, 2003, Quebec, QC

Tipping the Scale Towards Solar – Canadian Solar Industries Assoc. Annual Forum, Nov 13 - 15, 2003, Ottawa, ON.

Canadian Power Conference & Trade Show, Nov 25-26, 2003, Toronto, ON

Green Power Trade Show, (Nov 25-26?), 2003, Toronto, ON in conjunction with:


GLOBE 2004, Mar 31 - Apr 2, 2004, Vancouver, BC

Environment & Energy Conference - EECO (May?) 2004, Canada

Citizens For Renewable Energy AGM, May 2004, near Waterloo, ON

Emergency Preparedness Week (annual, May)

Smog Summit, June 2004?, Toronto

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair, June 18-20, 2004, Wisconsin

Recurring/Ongoing Events & Workshops

Learning Centres & Places across North America

Renewable Energy Workshops, Kortright, dates in spring & fall

Green Energy Workshops

Other Calendars

People- & Planet-Friendly Calendar (mostly Canada)

Energy Fairs & Events (mostly USA)

Renewable Energy Calendar (International)

Energy Conferences (International)

Learning Centres & Places across North America
(follow the links to find local calendars)

Environmental & Activist Calendars across Canada

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Small Is Beautiful: "The most striking thing about modern industry is that it requires so much and accomplishes so little. Modern industry seems to be inefficient to a degree that surpasses one's ordinary powers of imagination. Its inefficiency therefore remains unnoticed." – E.F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful (2) (3) (4)

"Ever bigger machines, entailing ever bigger concentrations of economic power and exerting ever greater violence against the environment, do not represent progress: they are a denial of wisdom. Wisdom demands a new orientation of science and technology towards the organic, the gentle, the non-violent, the elegant and beautiful." – E.F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful (2) (3) (4)

Small Is Profitable: "Technologies tailored to the needs of the people, not the reverse, can improve the economy and the environment" – (2)

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

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