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(A) Healthy & Sustainable Living
Children's Environmental Health
Stopping Cancer Before It Starts
Environmental Illness & Chemical Sensitivity
Environment & Health (misc. orgs & resources)
Health Information, Prevention & Promotion
Alternative/Natural/Complementary Health
What is the cause of cancer? What can we do to prevent it? (video & book review)
(I) Stress, Burnout, Relaxation, Peace
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(A) Healthy & Sustainable Living

How To Be Healthy And Still Eat Chocolate (book & website) – the essential guide to creating a healthy home environment, by Karen Alison & Kathy Raymond. Learn how to identify and reduce toxic chemicals in home, food, & water; how and why to choose safe, natural household & personal care products. Toxins have been linked to such diseases as cancer, asthma, and learning disorders. Sections on personal care, the home, natural remedies, water, diet & nutrition, plus a resource guide of health-supporting products. One hundred short chapters convenient for busy readers. $25. Available at Indigo, Chapters, Coles, Smithbooks, health food stores across Canada, Grassroots, by phone and at their website. [editor's note: this book stands out for its highly readable yet informative coverage of healthy & sustainable living. Some of the chapters will be especially appreciated by those of us who have allergies or chemical sensitivities – as well as those who would like to avoid developing them.] More info & phone orders: Dawn Bell 705-792-1898

Non-Toxic Living (see also other items in this section, and section B, C, D & E, below)
Healthy Home Services (mail-order products & information; based in Toronto)
Non-Toxic Living Links

Sustainable & Healthy Living Directory – organized directory with a Canadian/North American focus. Descriptions & links to information, products, services, more. How to be green: general guides; home & garden; food & gardening; products & services; transportation; renewable energy; construction & renovation; appropriate technology; ecovillages; education; community action & activism; workplace alternatives; jobs & volunteering; books; magazines; links to other directories.

Organic Food & Gardening – why, how & where to buy organic (for less money than you think); gardening tips & information; much more.

Pesticide-free Landscaping & Lawncare – lawn care services, landscapers, garden designers, product suppliers, factsheets

Vegetarianism & Veganism – publications; fact sheets; links; Vegetarian Directory; annual Vegetarian Food Fair (September, largest event of its kind in North America). Toronto Vegetarian Association

Healthy Construction & Renovation, Indoor Air, Non-toxic Materials
Healthy Renovations Workshops: Toronto: Near Toronto: Ottawa:
Healthy House Institute (books, articles, links)
Healthy Homes Consulting
Indoor Air Quality
Environmentally Safe Materials
CMHC's Healthy House in Toronto
Advanced Buildings
Alberta Sustainable Home
Green Building Directory (professionals, books, articles, events, links)
The Art of Natural Building (on-line book, videos, more)
Strawbale Construction: , , , (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Healthiest Home and Building Supplies, Ottawa
Sustainable Architecture Links

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(B) Children's Environmental Health

Kids & Chemicals – Are We Poisoning Our Children? Special broadcast, video & resources from PBS TV's "Now" program with Bill Moyers. Tracks the scientific search for answers about how environmental toxins affect America's children. It is a medical mystery marked "urgent". Across America growing numbers of children are suffering from asthma, childhood cancers like leukemia, as well as learning and behavioral disabilities. Scientists are searching for clues to the causes of these illnesses, and a growing body of research suggests that everyday environmental toxins - what kids eat, drink, and breathe - may put them at risk. Equipped with new technology and more sophisticated analysis, these scientists are asking compelling questions about the health risks to children growing up exposed to an ever-increasing number of untested chemicals in our environment. With Bill Moyers, medical investigators, health officials, families around the country who are coping with the consequences to their children of potentially toxic exposures. Do chemicals affect children, babies and unborn fetuses more than adults? What factors increase toxicity, and how can we protect children from harm? On NOW with Bill Moyers, episode #117, originally broadcast May 10, 2002. Full transcript: Resources & links: Classroom resources: Buy the video (#117 $19.98) U.S.): or click here for a direct link to the Kids & Chemicals video or call 1-877-PBS-SHOP or fax your order to 703-739-8131 (include item title and number & credit card info) or mail your order to PBS Home Video, PO Box 751089, Charlotte, NC 28275 (include check, money order, or credit card info).

Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World – 101 Smart Solutions for Every Family

Children's Health – winter 2002 edition of Alternatives Journal, an independent Canadian environmental magazine. The table of contents and a few of the articles are available on-line: To order the issue (edition #28.1), call 519-888-4442 or purchase online here:

Children's Environmental Health Project – To introduce clinicians (and their patients) to the fundamentals of children’s environmental health issues. Information on the health effects from environmental exposures is presented in a systems approach. Summaries of current scientific research regarding environmental influences on respiratory health; neurobehavioural development; cancer & immune functioning; dermatological health; reproductive health and congenital anomalies in the young. Also, the physician’s role in primary prevention of environmental health problems in

Children's Health – articles, reports & links

Canadian Institute for Child Health – online documents & Directory of Children's Environmental Health

Answering the Critics of Precaution, by Peter Montague

For more practical tips & suggestions on what you can do to help protect your child's current & future health, ask your family physician. See also section A, above.

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(C) Stopping Cancer Before It Starts

Stopping Cancer Before It Starts – "Cancer now strikes one in three Canadians, up from one in four in 1960. Over the last 50 years, there has been good evidence that many cancers – in addition to those related to smoking – are preventable. This web site is about prevention of cancer, especially those linked to man-made carcinogens in our workplaces and the environment-at-large. By reducing or eliminating these synthetic poisons – a very feasible objective – we can stop many cancers before they start."

Stopping Cancer Where it Starts (video). The same corporations that are profiting from the manufacture of carcinogens, are profiting from the manufacturing of chemo-therapy and other cancer treatments they have a vested interest in the "Cancer Industry". See the Toxic Links Coalition (California) 510-548-9286

The Politics of Cancer - American Cancer Society as promoter of corporate operations that cause cancer? Paper reviews documentary book by Dr. Samuel Epstein who addresses why, "In 1999, one in two American men and one in three American women will get cancer. In the 1950s, one in four Americans were afflicted with this deadly disease."

Living Downstream: An Ecologist Looks at Cancer & the Environment (book), Dr. Sandra Steingraber, 1997, Addison Wesley, New York (and 1998, Vintage Books(?)). Also author of "Having Faith", 2001.

Everyday Carcinogens, Acting in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty (video, reviewed in section B, below) by Dr. Sandra Steingraber. $25 / $15 students & unwaged. Available from the Breast Cancer Prevention Coalition, 23 Lynden Hill Crescent, Brantford, Ontario, Canada N3P 1R1. Fax: 519-751-6457. Transcript: related:

Looking for practical tips on how to reduce the risk of cancer for you and your family? Ask you family physician. For more ideas, consider the "Healthy & Sustainable Living" links, above, as well as these government and educational sites:

Answering the Critics of Precaution, by Peter Montague

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(D) Environmental Illness & Chemical Sensitivity

What is Environmental Illness? "Environmental Illness (or EI) is known by many names: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS); Sick Building Syndrome; Chemical or Environmental Hypersensitivity; Chemical Injury; Gulf War Syndrome; and Environmental Sensitivity Disorder. EI is an acquired disorder. It is triggered by prolonged exposure to chemical and allergenic sources. Ordinary items like perfumes, household cleaners, photocopy machines, pesticides, and other ubiquitous sources of chemical exposure can all create severe reactions in those who are prone to enviromental sensitivity."

Nova Scotia Allergy & Environmental Health Assoc. – information about environmental illness, multiple chemical sensitivity and less toxic living.

Environmental Illness Society of Canada

MCSurvivors (links directory; based in the USA)

Non-Toxic Living

Answering the Critics of Precaution, by Peter Montague

"The problem of environmental illness needs addressing rapidly. Hundreds of thousands of people in the industrialized and developing world are having their lives ruined. Because its effects are often slow acting and its causes hard to prove, it doesn't generate a lot of noise." - Peter Gabriel

For more suggestions on how to reduce the risks of you or your family acquiring environmental illness and how to cope with it if you do see your family physician. See also the "Healthy & Sustainable Living" links in section A, above; also section (G) Alternative/Natural/Complementary Health.

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(E) Environment & Health – Misc. Organizations & Resources

Canadian Association of Physicians For The Environment information & resources on children's health, toxics, greening health care, more

Rachel's Environment & Health News / Environmental Research Foundation – information on hazardous substances and hazardous technologies, including landfills, incinerators, pesticides, organochlorine compounds, risk assessments, and their effects on human and environmental

Taking Action for a Healthy Future (resource guide & community handbook). (1) Background; (2) "Prevention Works!"; description of key issues: pesticides, chlorine, plastics, radiation, mammography, tamoxifen & the medicalization of prevention; electromagnetic fields; air quality; biological markers; (3) Resources & commentary on cancer & the environment; women's health; women, ecology & history; health promotion & advocacy; alternatives to conventional medicine; political economy and the Cancer Business; human rights & environmental justice; workplace & occupational health; sustainable economic alternatives; poetry & prose for ecological wisdom; (4) What we can do: educational resources; critical thinking; media resources (films, videos, radio programs); film & popular education catalogues; organizations, networks & institutions; web sites; safe alternatives to hazardous products & services. $10./ Written by Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg; edited by Liz Armstrong. Available from the Women's Healthy Environments Network, Toronto 416-928-0880

Women's Healthy Environments Network, The links between the environment & health; Resource Guide & Community Handbook ($10); video library; video showings; Environment & Health course (July 4 -14 2000); produced video "Exposure" Environmental Links to Breast Cancer". 517 College St. #233, Toronto M6G 4A2 416-928-0880

The Life & Legacy of Rachel Carson (author of "Silent Spring" and other books)

Environment & Health Course. Understanding the links between environment & health is critical to our survival & well-being. A down-to-earth, activism-oriented course for community health workers, health professionals, educators, labour activists, environmentalists, community organizers, policy makers, economists, parents/ grandparents, youth - all welcome. Different (excellent) speakers & videos every day. Offered as a two-week intensive, or as a 14-week night course. $385. Some scholarships available. More info: Women's Healthy Environments Network 416-928-0880

Pesticides on Your Plate (magazine feature & website). Agricultural chemicals have slipped invisibly into every corner of our lives. We drink these poisons, we eat them and we breathe them. They accumulate in our body and every mother has them in her breast milk. We know they kill fish & wildlife and that they cause cancers & reproductive disorders. So why are they still being used? And why aren't governments & corporations doing anything about them? New Internationalist Magazine (May issue & website) follows the poison trail from the big pesticide companies to your plate - and explains what we can do. With examples of how it's done differently in Australia, Thailand & Cuba. Available in better bookstores & some chains (e.g. Chapters, Indigo, Book City) Web site: (full text of articles available on the web). Subscriptions: 905-946-0407 [related: ]

Other Health & Environment-related Issues & Campaigns – There are many issues related to health: from smog, to drinking water (including the privatisation debate), to food security. For a directory of over 700 community groups and non-profit organizations in Ontario, that are working on health & environment issues, purchase the Ontario Environment Network's "Environmental Resource Book", or see their links page; or contact them directly ( and request a referral. For other locations in Canada, see the Canadian Environment Network: .To receive regular updates of events, courses, jobs & resources in Ontario regarding these and other campaigns, subscribe to the People- & Planet-Friendly Events (a free weekly e-mail newslettter): . See also the other special editions & guides on this site: For an large directory of links and resources across Canada, see "The Green Pages":

More related links, resources & organizations:

Answering the Critics of Precaution, by Peter Montague

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(F) Health Information, Prevention & Promotion

Health Information Websites Canadian Health Network ; Health on the Net search by keyword: ; Health Info ; A-Z health topics: ; more: (for alternative/complementary health, see next section).

Consumer Health Information Service – Collection of printed resources; brief telephone reference service; referrals to other agencies & organizations. Helping people to gaining greater control over their own health through access to health information. Based at the Toronto Reference Library, on 789 Yonge St. just north of Bloor, in Toronto, Canada.

Health Nexus (formerly Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse) – A non-profit organization with a multidisciplinary focus on health promotion and prevention activities across the province; facilitates and empowers individuals, groups and communities to work towards the realization of their social, emotional, physical and environmental health and wellbeing. Includes links to health promotion, community development, children & youth, community health, social development and justice, organizational change. Programs:   Collaborative Projects:   Links:

Ontario Health Promotion E-Mail Bulletin, a free weekly e-mail bulletin and website offering a wide variety of information and resources related to promoting public health in Ontario, Canada. "A summarized information exchange among community leaders, practitioners and researchers interested in health promotion". News, announcements, events job feature articles, resources. Complete, searchable archives on the website. Here is a sampling of some of the feature articles and resource guides that might interest People- & Planet-Friendly readers: Food Biotechnology: Public Health Issues (#256); Words That Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence (#249); Three Ways to Plan a Web Site (#231); Effective Public Service Announcements (#193); Organizational Health Check-up (#191); Learning Communities (#181); Changing Behaviours: A Practical Framework (#180); Community Capacity Building (#179); Community Economic Development (#162); Citizen Engagement (#158); Writing Effective Funding Proposals (#135); Features (162); The Competition for Online Community (#123); Environmental Health Programme - SRCHC: (#115); A Supportive Workplace (#104); Collaboration (#93); Creating A Climate For Change (#92); Homelessness as a National Disaster (#89); Inclusion, Diversity & Social Justice in Health (#81); Self-Help/Mutual Aid (#80); Linking Mind, Body & Spirit with Community Life (#78); Media Literacy (#37); The State of Health Promotion & Public Health in Ontario (#32); Food Security (#21). Plus every aspect of public health imaginable - men, women, boys, girls, smoking, alcohol, heart health, injury prevention, aids, and much more. Info:

The Fight To Save Medicare

More Health Organizations, Links & Resources:

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(G) Alternative/Natural/Complementary Health

Alternative / Complementary Medicine Bibliography (Canada) – bibliography of guides, directories, magazines & journals, databases, internet resources

Consumer Health Organization of Canada – articles, books, tapes, videos, and annual "Whole Life Expo".
Whole Life Expo
annual event in Toronto: "Canada's largest showcase of natural health & alternative medicine"

Natural Life – website & print magazine with lots of articles, books & products for sale. Website has sections on health & wellness, home, food & gardening, family, leisure, livelihood. – articles and links on natural, non-pharmaceutical health care

Alive magazine, books, educational programs (Canada)
New Directions
"southern Ontario's natural health guide"
Vitality Magazine – natural health, alternative medicine, herbalism, etc. Greater Toronto Area.
Natural Healer Magazine – Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara Regions of Ontario
The Alternative Health CD – "detailed information on more than 225 ailments and situations and 525 remedies".

Health Freedom Campaigns "protecting consumers from intrusive regulations which interfere with the availability of dietary supplements"; the choice of health care providers; and alternative/complementary therapies. U.S. & worldwide: Canada:

Alternative Health Links & Resources: Canada:

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(H) What is the cause of cancer? What can we do to prevent it? (video & book review)

"Everyday Carcinogens, Acting in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty" is the most significant environment or health film I have seen in a long time. It draws a clear, moving and scientific picture of the links between environmental pollution and cancer and the immediate implications for adults and especially babies, children and youth. Including a moving description of what is in breast milk - and how it got there. With one in four Canadians already dying of cancer, this topic is of great relevance to us all.

For environmental activists: this video "brings it home". Today the environment is not the highest priority in the public's mind. Environmental problems can seem remote in daily life BUT most of us care much more deeply about our health & safety especially that of our children. This video, and other resources listed below, can help open our eyes and motivate for positive change. For health activists: this video explains the importance of prevention ...and the critical importance of linking with environmental activists to achieve success. Use the video as a tool to educate & motivate health professionals & the public. Get the resource guide mentioned below and have it available at showings. For everyone: this video explains some disturbing threats to your and your children's health -- and what you can do about it. Come out and see it -- and bring your questions. Consider buying a copy to show to your doctor, your family, friends and co-workers.

This simple & direct video is by Dr. Sandra Steingraber, biologist and cancer survivor; author of "Living Downstream: An Ecologist Looks at Cancer & the Environment". (1997, Addison Wesley, New York, and 1998, Vintage Books(?)). The transcript of the video is available on-line at: The video is available from for $25 ($15 students & unwaged) from or by mail, Breast Cancer Prevention Coalition, 23 Lynden Hill Crescent, Brantford, Ontario, Canada N3P 1R1. Fax: 519-751-6457. Books by Sandra Steingraber are available at: For more information, please see or contact the Women's Healthy Environments Network: 416-928-0880

While this video is my personal favourite on the subject, there are many other resources that may be of as much or more value to various audiences. Please consult the Women's Healthy Environments Network,, and the other resources in the above sections.

Answering the Critics of Precaution, by Peter Montague

"Where once the student was taught that the unexamined life was not worth living, he is now taught that the profitably lived life is not worth examining." - Benjamin Barber

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(I) Stress, Burnout, Relaxation, Peace

Self Help Resources
Positive Thinking
Talking Circles
Inspiring Thoughts & Quotes
The Relaxation Response
Emotional Support Groups (online)
Empowerment Resources
Throw Away Your TV

Meditation & Relaxation
Meditation & Relaxation |
The Relaxation Response

Coalition for Solidarity in Gandhian Nonviolence (Canada)
Mahatma Gandhi
A Force More Powerful (video & teaching resources)
Peace & Nonviolence Links

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(J) Related Pages on this Site

The Links Between Health & Environment

Sustainable Living Directory

Organic Opportunity Directory

How to be an Activist and Become the Media

How to Organize & Promote an Event

Creating Community Anywhere

The People- & Planet-Friendly Directory

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

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