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Spread the word!

Most people don't know about the Planet-Friendly. Many have no idea about all the great stuff that's going on each week, where to get started, how to participate. So please, take a few moments to say something to a friend, or pass something along.

Nine Ways To Spread The Word

(1) Tell your friends
Tell your friends about People- & Planet-Friendly! Tell them what you like about us. Encourage them to subscribe to our
e-mail newsletter, the GoodWork list, browse the Calendar or the Directory. Tell them they can find them all at

(2) Forward interesting pieces
If you see an item of interest to someone you know, send it to them. Give it a short but clear subject line to catch their attention. At the top of your message, mention where you got it from, e.g. "from People- & Planet-Friendly".

(3) Forward the whole McKoy
Forward the whole newsletter to your friends or e-mail list. This can be a great way to introduce people to People- & Planet-Friendly. Write a few words at the top, explaining that it's a sample copy and that to receive future editions they must subscribe. If you operate or participate in another e-mail list, consider fowarding each edition as it comes out. This will give people some time to notice and get familiar with it (many will like it, even if they won't take the trouble to subscribe themselves). If you stop forwarding at some point, it's a good idea to send one last message inviting them to subscribe themselves.

(4) Flyers & posters
Print, post or pass around our
flyer or poster. Give them to your friends, or put some up on bulletin boards at your school, workplace, church, health food store, community centre or library. Pass them around at a meeting or party. We can provide flyers and posters, printed on coloured paper, on request. Here are links to more flyers for specific themes within People- & Planet-Friendly.

(5) Print & post
Print the e-mail newsletter or some pages from the Planet-Friendly Directory. Post it on a bulletin board or pass it around. You can print it from your e-mail software, or from here: To make it a bit more eye-catching, use a highlighter or print out our cover page (poster.doc or poster.html) and staple it in front.

(6) Take a friend
Invite a friend, neighbour or acquaintance to an event with you. Tell them they can read all about it at Even if they can't go, tell them they can find lots of other great events, films, activities, courses, outings, etc., at – ask them to suggest an event of interest to you both.

(7) Represent us at events
If you go to various events, consider representing us. This can be a lot of fun and is a great way to meet new people and make new contacts. It takes very little time and effort. There are various ways this can be done: passing out flyers; standing behind a table; making an announcement. Training can be provided, including coaching in improving your self confidence, networking and communication skills. Please give us a call if you're interested: (613) 744-3392.

(8) Newsletters & Community Newspapers
Do you publish a newsletter, magazine or newspaper, or know somebody else who does? Our listings can add interesting, empowering and ever-changing content to your publication. Editors love them because they put empty space to good use and can easily be edited to fit pretty well any shape or size. Tell us your deadlines:
we can send you customized listings, when you need them. If possible, please mention you got the listings from us, e.g. "for more events, courses and opportunities, see".

(9) Create a link
Do you have a website (or homepage) or know someone else who does? Please create a link to People- & Planet-Friendly! Such as: People- & Planet-Friendly Events, Resources & Opportunities Here is other text and graphics you could use.

Why and how to forward

Forwarding (the whole newsletter and/or individual listings) is by far the most effective approach. People won't generally subscribe to a list unless they are very interested. If you forward several editions, at least a few will become interested enough to subscribe themselves. Many others will appreciate the forwards, but not bother to subscribe.

Better yet, consider forwarding on an ongoing basis. This is even more effective, especially if you do it fairly consistently. It takes very little time or effort on your part. However, it's important that you forward each message within a day or two – so the events are not out of date when people receive them.

It's a good idea to include the first few lines of the message (the "from", "subject" and "date" lines) so that it's clear where the message came from. You could also insert a line at the top: "forwarded by ____".

Occasionally somebody complains about receiving duplicate copies (you are forwarding to them, plus they are already subscribed directly). If you are forwarding on an on-going basis, the person who's receiving duplicates can simply delete the second copy, or unsubscribe from our list.

If you stop forwarding at some point, please send one last message telling people that they must go to to subscribe themselves directly.

Volunteers & Advisors

If you would like to help out for even just a few hours each month, please let us know. We need both skilled and unskilled help. Some specific skills we need: graphic design; website development; fundraising; bookkeeping & accounting; publicity; media liaison. Unskilled help/will train: regional contributors; handing out flyers at events; writing & editing; list moderation; data entry; office help; more. Send us an e-mail or call the editor at (613) 744-3392. Or click here for more detailed descriptions of roles.

Can your group or organization help?

Do you have a display table or bulletin board? Please display some of our flyers or posters. If you'd prefer, we can mail you as many copies as you wish, printed on coloured paper. (contact)

Do you have a website? Please link to People- & Planet-Friendly Here is some text and graphics you could use.

Do you have a newsletter? Why not add an events section? Event listings can add interest and value; they help create community; and they can help fill that unused space on a page. More great content can be found in the Planet-Friendly Directory. (If possible, please mention that you got the listings from us, e.g. "for more events, films, courses and jobs, see"). For more ideas on how we can help provide listings and other content, send us an e-mail. Let us know your deadlines we can e-mail you advance listings when you need them.

Do you organize (or hear about) events, meetings, courses, films or broadcasts? Please let us know: Submissions Page. Also, we are seeking people to serve as regional contributors to submit listings from their region or area of interest.

Thanks for being part of the People- & Planet-Friendly community!

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

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