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"Free" Trade, Globalization & Fair Trade
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Canadian Alliance on Trade and Environment
Making the Links: A Peoples' Guide to the WTO and the FTAA (
downloadable pdf format)
No-nonsense Guide to Globalization (paperback book)
Polaris Institute
Straight Goods
Council of Canadians (click on "Trade Campaign")
Centre for Research on Globalization
Citizens on the Web (Toronto)
Global Democracy Ottawa

USA & International

Globalization 101
Znet Global Watch / Trade
WTO Watch
Public Citizen

Life and Debt (film/video)

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Fair Trade

Articles Grounds Zero | Wikipedia Article

TransFair Canada

Where to Buy Fair Trade Products
Fair Trade Handicrafts (North America)
Fair Trade Stores & Cafes across Canada (click "TransFair Canada's Licensees")
Fair Trade Gift Suggestions
Alternative Grounds Coffee (Ontario)
Fair Trade Coffee & Tea (Toronto) 1-888-741-5369
The Fair Trade Coffee Story
Where to Drink or Buy Fair Trade Coffee in Toronto

Fair Trade & Related Links

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People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources


Gangs of America – The Rise of Corporate Power & The Disabling of Democracy (book). "A brilliant page-turner revealing how powerful, greedy corporations wage institutional terrorism. Reading it is the first step to saving our communities, our democracy and our planet's environment." – John Stauber, author, Toxic Sludge Is Good for You. "The essential guide to the history of the American corporation – it explodes the myth of inevitability surrounding the corporate takeover of our lives." – Maria Elena Martinez, executive director, CorpWatch.

The Corporation – feature documentary by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan. Based on the forthcoming book, The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan.

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

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"If, for all our wealth and knowledge, developed nations cannot
devise any better way to raise world-wide standards of living than
by creating one global market for frivolous consumer garbage,
then humanity is in serious trouble." – Richard Thompson

People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources

Why We Are Here
(a poem by Robert Arthur Lewis, distributed in Seattle on the occasion
of the World Trade Organization Ministerial Summit in 1999).

Because the world we imagined, the one
we had always counted on is disappearing.

Because the sun has become cancerous
and the planet is getting hotter.

Because children are starving in the shadows
of yachts and economic summits.

Because there are already too many planes in the sky.

This is the manufactured world
you have come here to codify and expedite.

We have come to tell you
there is something else we want to buy.

What we want, money no longer recognizes
like the vitality of nature, the integrity of work.

We don't want cheaper wood, we want living trees.

We don't want engineered fruit, we want to see
and smell the food growing in our own neighborhoods.

We are here because a voice inside us,
a memory in our blood, tells us you are not
just a trade body, you are the blind tip
of a dark wave that has forgotten its source.

We are here to defend and honor
what is real, natural, human and basic
against the rising tide of greed.

We are here by the insistence of spirit
and the authority of nature.

If you doubt for one minute the power of truth
or the primacy of nature
try not breathing for that length of time.

Now you know the pressure of our desire.
We are not here to tinker with your laws.
We are here to change you from the inside out.
This is not a political protest.
It is an uprising of the soul.

– Robert Arthur Lewis

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