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Building with Strawbale
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Revised: see also the Green Building Guide for more information on all types of green and natural building.

Straw bales can be used to build homes and other types of buildings that are extremely durable, beautiful, energy efficient, low-cost, and well suited to our four season climate (1). Straw bale building speaks to a part of us that insists we should be able to build our own homes with our own hands. Straw bale houses can be easy and affordable to build, super energy efficient, environmentally friendly, attractive, and can be designed to match the builder's personal space needs, aesthetics and budget (2).

Strawbale Websites and Publications:
Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition
Straw Bale Building (book) (Chris Magwood & Peter Mack)
The Last Straw (print journal)
Surfin' Strawbale

Strawbale Builders in Ontario
Ontario Strawbale Building Coalition - Professional Members

Natural Building, Healthy Renovation & Construction Supplies & Information

Renewable Energy & Off-The-Grid (Solar Power, Wind...)

Upcoming Strawbale Workshops: (search for keyword: straw)

Major Strawbale Workshop Hosts in Ontario & beyond:
Everdale Environmental Learning Centre & Home Alive (NW of Brampton):
Ecology Retreat Centre (near Orangeville)
Seventh Generation (Ottawa & area)
Major Strawbale Builders in Ontario: (both of these offer workshops)
Falls Brook Centre (New Brunswick)
More: Directory of Learning Centres & Places in North America

Strawbale Buildings in Ontario:
Ontario Strawbale Homes & Buildings
Shaw House on Toronto Island
Home Alive! The House that Thinks, Drinks & Breathes
Strawbale House in Mississauga (Martin Liefhebber, Architect)
For many more, contact or see the workshops section above - tours are offered several times a year.

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Renewable Energy & Off-the-grid (Solar Power, Wind...)

Sustainable Living Links (incl. Composting, Strawbale, Solar/Wind, Wastewater, Rainwater, Appropriate Technology, Simplicity, more)

Organic Food, Gardening & Agriculture

Ecovillages & Intentional Community


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