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A Planet-Friendly Summer
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Ah, summer! For some, a time to hop into the car and zoom around in motorboats – for others, a time to experience the outdoors, the planet and its people ...a little more closely. Are you lured by the hype and expense of mainstream recreation? Or would you prefer more fun, less expense ...and to tread a bit more lightly on the planet?

Summer Calendar
Eco-Experience Places across North America
WWOOF – More than Meets the Eye
Green Travel, Recreation & Transportation
GoodWork! Summer Jobs, Internships & Volunteering

(A) Planet-Friendly Summer Calendar
Green and Healthy Festivals, Retreats & Grassroots Gatherings

This summer, why not get away, see things from a different angle, maybe connect with others who share your interests? Planet-Friendly Summerfest is a free, non-commercial calendar of activities, events, retreats and gatherings across Ontario, Canada and beyond. Everything from canoe tours in Toronto... to the annual "Social Justice Retreat" in Algonquin Park... to grassroots music festivals. Got an event? Post it here.

Events Year-Round & Other Calendars

Many more events year-round can be found in the full Planet-Friendly Calendar plus other green and progressive calendars across North America. Got an event? Post it here (Ontario events, plus major events of interest to Canadians). There are new listings daily. Can't afford an event? Ask the organizers about work-exchange, volunteer or sliding-scale options.

Summer Calendar | Year-Round Calendar

(B) Eco-Experience Places across North America

Looking for more than a weekend away? This unique directory offers an incredible variety of fun, experience, community and involvement. From organic havens to nature retreats... from wilderness trips to ecovillages and more. Participate in tours, workshops, outdoor activities, volunteer opportunities, internships and special events.

Some of these places offer work-exchange opportunities – you offer your help in return for food, accommodation, instruction and/or mentorship. If you're keen, you can find great ways to spend the entire season (and spend less money than many spend in a week).

Eco-Experience Places across North America. See also The Community Page, including its portal to Ecovillages and Intentional Communities around the world. Many offer great visitor programs, volunteer and work-exchange opps., internships and more.

(C) WWOOF! – around the world or in your own backyard

Wwoofing is the hardest thing to explain to someone who hasn't experienced it. That's probably because it's so diverse – it is really what you make it.

For some people, Wwoofing is a way to learn about organic gardening, perhaps to start a garden, farm or business of their own. For others, it's a way to live healthily and sustainably for a few days, weeks or a season – eating well, breathing fresh air, and enjoying good company. For yet others, it's an experiment with non-urban living, a foray into a new lifestyle. And, for those bitten by the travel bug, it's a way to travel the world and experience other cultures.

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (and gardens). There are over 400 hosts across Canada and many more worldwide. The basic idea is that you offer your skilled or unskilled assistance in return for food, housing, instruction if desired, and good company.

To participate, you pay a small fee and get a booklet describing hundreds of opportunities available. Then it's up to you to contact those that interest you. Each situation is different. It's up to you and the prospective host to communicate your respective needs, wants, abilities and expectations – and see if there's a good match. What you want to do; what degree of instruction (if any); how long you want to stay – a weekend, a week, a season, a year?

Wwoofing is not only for gardeners, want-to-be gardeners, and garden helpers. There are also opportunities for handy-persons, cooks, renewable energy folks, business people, computer nerds, general or household help – and just about everyone else. It's just a matter of looking, asking, and offering your help.

Intro to Wwoofing | Links & Orgs | Stories & Articles | International WWOOF Association

(D) Green Travel & Recreation

This section of our Sustainable Living Links directory is focused on healthy, sustainable, affordable travel and recreation. Check it out for everything from self-propelled activities such as walking, hiking and cycling ecotourism, educational travel, and working your way around the world: Green Recreation + Green Travel & Eco-Travel

Don't miss the corresponding Green Transportation section to learn about a wide variety of ways to get around – healthy and affordable alternatives to owning and driving a car.

(E) GoodWork - Employment, Internships & Volunteering

GoodWork is a year-round service. This time of year there are lots of great summer jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities and activities. To receive the listings as soon as they are posted, subscribe to the GoodWork E-mail List. And don't miss the great resources and opportunities linked from the GoodWork Website.

GoodWork! Canada
Employment, Internships & Volunteering
Peace | Enviro | Sust. Living | Food & Gardening | Activism

Some recent summer volunteer activities from GoodWork: Everdale Activities | Whole Village (2) | Earthship Workbees | Green Village at Om | Cirque du Lake | UBC Urban Farmers

(F) Other Portals & Guides at

Here are some other resources that might be of interest during the summer season...

Ecoportal Canada – gateway to "everything eco" in Canada and beyond
Everything Organicthe front door to organic & natural food, gardening and agriculture in Canada
Sustainable Living Links – how to be green and love it!
Eco-Construction & Renovation | (2) | Strawbale – links, workshops, organizations...
Don't Pave It! – article, links, organizations, conferences, events

Arts and Music for Social Change – song, music, film, video, writing, more
How to be an Activist – myths, articles, guides, workshops, events, quotes, stories
Stress, Burnout, Relaxation, Peace – resources, groups & organizations

More Portals & Guides – from People- & Planet-Friendly and GoodWork

(G) About People- & Planet-Friendly and GoodWork

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A Planet-Friendly Summer – Events, Experiences, Travel, GoodWork! – What are you up to this summer? Explore the alternatives! Fun, healthy, sustainable and affordable. Unique summer events and retreats; eco-experiences; volunteer and work-exchange opportunities; green travel & recreation; summer employment; more!

Have a great, green, healthy summer! – Peter Blanchard

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