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Energy Opportunity!
Opportunities in Green, Renewable Energy & Conservation
(a People- & Planet-Friendly Portal & Guide)

Looking for green, ethical opportunity? In the wake of the largest blackout in North American history, interest and concern about energy has increased dramatically.

A major event like this creates opportunity, especially if you're creative or entrepreneurial. A great variety of new businesses, services and products could be born. There could also be an increase in employment opportunities, paid and volunteer, related to green energy.

Conservation, decentralization and renewable energy are all getting more attention. There is also increased interest in emergency preparedness, through self sufficiency as well as community organizing and government. This could include home power (off-the-grid and grid-connected), sustainable construction and sustainable living in general.

Where to get started? – see The Blackout, Energy & You. It's a unique, comprehensive directory and guide to organizations, businesses and resources related to energy, conservation, and emergency preparedness. It includes a directory of Canadian Green Energy Organizations & Campaigns. There is also a section on Home Power, plus a calendar of Energy Events, Fairs, Conferences & Workshops, offering great opportunities to learn, network and make new connections.

See also: Green, Renewable Energy – Power That Doesn't Destroy; EcoPortal Canada; and Small Business Start-up & Green Business Resources.

– Peter Blanchard

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