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More Green Job Links
Links and resources to help you find meaningful, rewarding work mostly related to environment, conservation and sustainability, in Canada and beyond.

Note: this page has been completely revised and rewritten, here: Green Job Links.
The old version is below, with some additional sections yet to be revised.

(1) Green Job Listings & Career Resources CanadaUSA/International
(2) Other Job Listings & Career Resources (that include at least some environmental listings)
(3) Employment-Related Groups, Events, Resources & Links
Books, Bookstores & Libraries
Magazines, Magazine Editions, Articles
More Employment & Volunteering Links (incl. Job Search Tips, Youth Employment, Small Business, Rethinking Work)
Education, Apprenticeship, Internship, Mentorship, Training (new)
Green Business & Ecological Economics
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(1) Environmental Job Sites & Lists – Canada


GoodWork Canada – Canada's green jobs gateway since 2001. Employment in environment, sustainability, conservation and related themes. New postings online daily. Job listings, contracts, internships, RFP's. Large directory of environmental organizations, links and resources. .

ECO Canada (Environmental Careers Organization)Focuses primarily on technical and scientific positions, traditionally from the environment industry. In addition to a large job board, ECO provides a variety of environment-industry related services to industry, educational institutions and government. Founded in 1992 as part of Canada's sector council initiative.

Canadian Environment Network (RCEN) – network of environmental groups and organizations across Canada. Click on "Regional Networks" to see the provincial networks. Each region is different; look for listings on each regional website, their e-mail lists, or browse their directories of groups (online or in print).

More Green Jobs – see also the green jobs gateway; green job search tips; google's directory of environmental employment in other countries; and below, general employment & volunteering links.

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Environmental Job Sites & Lists
North America / USA & International


Green Dream Jobs – business jobs, environmental jobs, environmentally responsible employers (USA & some Canada)

Ubiquity Environmental Careers Page or

Eco-Employ / Ejobs – listings of environmental opportunities & resources in the USA & Canada Ontario links:

Environmental Career – USA

EarthNet Jobs & Internships – "entry and mid-level environmental and social justice jobs suitable for students and relatively recent college grads" (USA)

EnviroJobs Discussion List (mostly USA)

UK Environment Jobs & Volunteering

Wwoof International – volunteer, work-exchange & apprenticeship opportunities on organic gardens, farms & businesses around the world – see and See also:


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(2) – Other Job Listings & Career Sites
(including but not focusing on Environment)


Web Networks (Canada) – jobs with a variety of Canadian organizations, mostly related to non-profit and community work See also their "community" homepage:

Charity Village (Canada) – Jobs & volunteer positions in a wide variety of non-profits & charities in Canada. Also: news, resources, guides, events (under "Learn"), and links to non-profit & charitable organizations. To find environmental job listings, select "Search Jobs", on "Jobs", then do a keyword search for "environmental". / Action Without Borders (USA & International) – listings of over 27,000 nonprofit and community organizations in 153 countries; search or browse by name, location or mission. Thousands of volunteer opportunities around the world and hundreds of job & internship listings. Health, environment, media, women's issues, race, human rights, arts, disaster relief, much more. Based in the USA, but has listings around the world.

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(3) Employment-Related Groups, Events, Resources & Links

Young Environmental Professionals (YEP) (Canada) – has active chapters in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver. The Toronto chapter, for example, has informal networking meetings (sometimes with speakers offering great career tips & ideas) the second Thursday of each month from Sept. to May. "Drop by after work and share your interests, aspirations and stories. New folks are always welcome. Fun, networking, learn about new initiatives & jobs, professional development. YEP is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to serving the environmental decision-makers of the 21st century. We are skilled, energetic professionals roughly between the ages of 25 and 40, who are dedicated to environmental improvement through our work in business, government, academe, associations, and non-profits." Free, downloadable Environmental Career Toolkit:

Sustainability Network (Canada) – offers monthly "Breakfast Forums" in Toronto; regular skills development workshops on topics ranging from fundraising to conflict resolution, to internet skills; and valuable print and on-line resources. The best way to stay informed of their events & offerings is to go to their website and subscribe to their monthly e-mail bulletin.

People- & Planet-Friendly website, e-mail lists and forum. A portal to peace, environment, sustainable living and related topics and themes. Portals & Guides are unique, comprehensive collections of links and resources on selected themes. Popular E-mail Newsletter comes out every month or so, offering useful news and resources. Calendar of events, conferences, learning and networking opportunities, plus links to other calendars.

Coalition For A Green Economy (Toronto) – Excellent speakers & networking in Toronto each month. Each month focuses on a specific issue; be sure to hang around for the networking & announcements that follow. To hear about their upcoming events, subscribe to their e-mail list: (specify that you wish to subscribe to the Coalition For A Green Economy e-mail list). (at the time of writing their website doesn't seem to have been updated in a while, but they have been holding monthly events)

Green Economics (website, book & two courses in Toronto) – in addition to the book "Designing The Green Economy: the Postindustrial Alternative to Corporate Globalization" and the website, Brian Milani offers two courses in Toronto: (1) The Green Economy: Practical Strategies for Creating Community-based Eco-economies; and (2) Economic Crisis and Sustainable Community Development.

CareerCycles Getaways – summer weekend getaways in Prince Edward County, Ontario. What's your decent work? 3-day getaway led by professional career counselor gets your mind active about career renewal while your body gets active outdoors. Improve your existing work/life balance... or begin a process of change. Structured process helps you assess your situation and identify options. $495 incl. program, accom., meals. Info/register: Mark Franklin 416-465-9183

Create Your Own Project or Job! – When most people look for work, they compete for existing jobs. Why not create your own? There's no lack of options. Do some research, networking, and if you think it would help, take some training. Then call or write a proposal to an organization that interests you, demonstrating how your project or idea could help them achieve their goals. If they like your idea, they might be able to help you fundraise for it. Or you could write a grant proposal or propose other revenue-generating ideas, for their consideration. If you can't find an existing organization that would be a good match ...start your own.
Existing Environmental Groups and Organizations in Canada
How to Start a Project, Nonprofit or Charity
Start a Business
Project Management Resources
Funding/Fundraising Resources:, click "Capacity Building Tools", "Other", "Internet Resources", or go directly to:
Activism Resources
Become the Media
Other Eco-Gateways & Links

Designing a Livelihood – Do What You Love & Love What You Do (article, Natural Life Magazine, Nov/Dec 2002)

Right Livelihood Resources: Design A Livelihood! (web page) – How can you design your work life so it is an expression of your gifts and makes a contribution to the world? How can you make your time at work meaningful?

Simple Living / Voluntary

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(4) Books, Bookstores, Libraries, Resource Centres

The ECO Guide to Careers That Make a Difference: Environmental Work for a Sustainable Future (book) "...we've invited nineteen exceptional experts to discuss the nature of our global environmental and sustainability issues and review the strategies and tactics that professionals are using to address them. Each chapter also includes a "Career Spotlight" of an organization with creative professionals who are making a difference." |

The Complete Guide to Environmental Careers in the 21st Century (book) "...a completely revised and updated edition of what has become the standard reference on the subject. Organized for ease of use and fully updated to reflect ongoing changes in environmental fields, it is the most comprehensive and reliable resource available for anyone seeking information about environmental career opportunities and how to get started in one." |

Get a Life (book) – "how to make a good buck, dance around the dinosaurs, and save the world while you're at it ... one hundred and one ways to tread lightly on Mother Earth, make bags of money, simplify your life, have a blast, keep fit and save your sanity while everything is crumbling all around you", by Wayne Roberts and Susan Brandum. Published in Toronto, Canada, 1995, by Get A Life Publishers. Review: Buy from Chapters/Indigo: (search for "get a life" "wayne roberts" - quotes included)

Making a Living While Making a Difference (book) – by Melissa Everett, New Society Publishers

Your Money or Your Life (book) – by Joe Dominguez, Vicki Robin (The New Road Map Foundation) ISBN 0140286780.

Losing Your Job, Reclaiming Your Soul (book)

Chelsea Green Publishers

Natural Life Books - Livelihood

Ecological Economics & Economic Justice Books

More Great Books, Bookstores, Libraries & Resource Centres – for more books, go to your local bookstore or library and check out the sections on careers/employment, environment, economics, self-help, etc. For a listing of progressive publishers, bookstores, libraries and mail order services in Toronto and Canada, see: A great selection of books & resources can also be found at your local Alternative Resource Centre, or at the offices of local environmental and activist groups

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(5) Magazines, Magazine Editions, Articles

Working For Life (magazine edition) – spring 2001 edition of Yes! magazine, some articles are on-line. (1) Why work? Work dumbs us down, wears us out, and uses us up. So why do it? Let's initiate a Golden Age of Play; (2) Real Vacations For All – Why do affluent, super-productive Americans get two weeks or less of vacation while Europeans get four to six weeks? (3) Now I Become Myself – a vocation does not come from "out there." It's what you find when you reclaim your original gifts. (4) The White Dog's Tale – restaurateur Judy Wicks breaks all the rules. She pays a living wage. She uses expensive meat from humanely raised animals. She holds Table Talks on social and environmental issues. And she makes money, too. (5) Right Livelihood Resources –Ready to take back your life? Some resources to help you take the plunge. (6) State of the Possible III – The Positive Futures Network brings together innovators and activists to build bridges among diverse groups, all working for nothing less than social transformation.

Green Jobs, Good Work! (magazine edition) – winter 2001 edition of Alternatives Journal, Canada's environmental journal. Articles: The job-spend treadmill exhausts us & the planet (Anders Hayden); Green & Growing "environmental job numbers now match those for the traditional sectors such as oil, chemicals & steel" (Gary Gallon); Thinking out of the Blue Box (L. Gallant & D. Taschereau); Major unions push for jobs AND environment (Jennifer Penney); more. Also: 3rd annual annotated directory of Graduate Environmental Studies Programs. Current & back issues can be ordered by mail, phone, fax, email, or online. 519-888-4442

Sustaining Livelihoods (magazine edition) – spring 2002 edition of Alternatives Journal, Canada's environmental journal. Table of Contents and some articles are on line; order the back-issue to get the full edition.

Natural/Sustainable Livelihoods (articles) – a variety of on-line articles on making a healthy, natural livelihood, from Natural Life Magazine

Beginning/Building An Environmental Career (downloadable Word or PDF document) – preparation basics (résumé development; business cards; email account; research (know the target organization; know the target skills required); job websites (both mainstream & environmental); networking and spreading the word; volunteering.

Green@Work Magazine (US) –

Corporate Knights Magazine (Canadian) –

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(6) More Employment & Volunteering Links

Job Search Tips, Career Tips, Books & Resources
GoodWork Tips
The 'Hidden' Eco-Job Market
Wanted: Positive Person
More: (click on "Resources/Links")

Follow Your Bliss
Follow Your Calling |
Right Livelihood |
Do What You Love |
Work for Life

Environment & Nonprofit Employment

Environmental Employment in other countries
Nonprofit Employment & Executives
Nonprofit Resources

Youth Employment (many youth opps can also be found elsewhere on this page, above and below)

Youth Employment Information (Canadian Government)
Youth Opportunities Ontario (Ontario Gov't Programs)

International / Overseas Work & Volunteering

GoodWorkCanada's green/sustainable international development jobs
PlanetVolunteer's international volunteer postings
Other Listings, Gateways & Services Work Abroad | Volunteer Abroad | NGOabroad
Volunteer Opportunities | Volunteer Travel | Working Holidays | Study Abroad | Educational Travel | Exchange Programs (2)
Green & Sustainable Travel | Wwoof (2) | Ecovillages
Environmental & Sustainable Development: Organizations | Ecovillages
International Development Organizations: Worldwide (2) | Canada - directory - by province

Volunteering – Environment, Conservation & Peace

Canadian Environmental Groups & Organizations
Planet Volunteer (Canada)
Environment Canada Volunteers
Environmental Volunteer Network (Greater Toronto Area)
Peace Groups in Canada

Volunteering – General (sometimes includes environment)

Volunteer Canada
Charity Village Volunteer Board (Canada)
Volunteer Opportunities Exchange (Canada)
Volunteer Toronto and

Why Volunteer?
Working with Volunteers (tips & resources)

Small Business / Business Start-Up Resources

First, go to your local library, bookstore or career centre and ask for their small business resources. Better yet, speak to someone who has started a green, ethical business – conduct an information interview. For some links to such businesses, see our Green Gifts page, Sustainable Living Links, EcoPortal, Learning Centres & Places. For some links to businesses in Toronto, see also Toronto The Better.

Mostly mainstream (for green & alternative links see paragraph above)
Your Own Business (articles, books & on-line course) (2)
Minding Your Own Business (online booklet on deciding whether to start your own)
Canadian Business Service Centres
Starting a Business in Ontario (2)
Small Business Enterprise Centres (across Ontario) locations: (2)
Self Employment Assistance (SEA) (see also SEDI) (Government of Canada)
More Entrepreneurship / Self-Employment / Small Business Resources
Community Economic Development Links (2)
More... Small Business Links
Small Business Start-Up Links
Small Business Resources
More Business Links

Green Business Resources

Corporate Knights
Ten Solutions for Business
Sustainable Business Resource Directory
Products For Green Living
Energy & Environment Industry
Businesses for Social Responsibility
Questioning Business
Environmental & Alternative Media

Rethinking Work

Rethinking Work | more | more | more
Voluntary Simplicity
Work-related Issues & Links

Mainstream/General Employment

Employment, Careers & Job Search
Human Resources Development Canada
HRDC Human Resources Centres (locations across Canada)
Other communities:

MLM, Network & Referral Marketing Opportunities – plus Opposing Views, Warnings & Alternatives

Human Resources & Volunteer Management

Human Resources Management & Recruitment Links (mainsteam) |

Volunteer Management
Volunteer Management Handbook
Volunteer Resources & Management
Volunteer Management (Google search)

Human Resources & Volunteer Mgt. Links (provided by the Sustainability Network)

For more resources on employment & volunteer opportunities, visit the offices of your local environmental group or favourite charity. Also the local volunteer centre (see e.g., HRDC Human Resources Centre, or the employment centre at your school or university.

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(7) Education, Apprenticeships, Mentorships, Internships, Training

Learning Centres & Places – Places you can go to learn, experience and participate in hands-on activities related to sustainable living and other People- & Planet-Friendly themes. Includes organic gardens, nature retreats, strawbale houses, wilderness trips, solar-powered homesteads, ecovillages, intentional community, permaculture, alternative schools, more. Offering guided tours & demos, workshops, courses, outdoor activities, school programs, volunteer opportunities, wwoofing, apprenticeships, site rentals, more. Many of these places offer volunteer, paid or business opportunities

Apprenticeships, Internships, Mentorships It is possible to arrange an informal apprenticeship with a green and ethical business or organization of interest to you. To find a potential apprenticeship or mentor, try Learning Centres & Places; Sustainable Living Links; or the Environmental Portals page. Wwoofing can also lead to excellent apprenticeships in organics or sustainable living. The Ontario Government offers a trade apprenticeship program. Here are a few examples related to GoodWork themes: arborist (trees); carpenter; child & youth worker; cook; dairy herdsperson; fruit grower; horticultural technician. For these and many more, see: (2) (3) (4). Internship links:

Environmental Education, College & University Programs in Canada, the USA & beyond (section 8). See also the Eco-Portals page:

Resource Centres, Groups & Gathering Places (section 3). See also the Eco-Portals page:

Courses, Workshops, Conferences, Events Participating in events of interest to you can be very educational. It can also help you make friends, contacts and eventually find or create an opportunity. See the People- & Planet-Friendly Calendar and our links to other calendars. Click here to learn how to make the most of conferences and events. See also section 3, above, for some organizations that hold events related to the search for good work.

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(8) Green Business & Ecological Economics

For a look at the bigger picture – how to create a sustainable economy where good, meaningful work is the norm, not the exception – try the following links.

Eco-Economy: Save The Planet (and Prosper). How do you rebuild the economy without destroying the earth? "The principals of ecology are as real as those of aerodynamics. If an aircraft is to fly, it has to stisfy certain criteria of thurst & lift. Likewise, if an economy is to sustain progress, it must satisfy the basic principles of ecology. If it does not, it will decline and eventually collapse. There is no middle ground. An economy is either sustainable or it is not. This month, Lester Brown explores what the new economy would look like." With examples of eco-economic industries; sunset industries; expanding professions. Excerpt from Lester Brown's new book, "Eco-Economy". The Ecologist (magazine) Vol 31 No.10, Dec 2001 / Jan 2002.

Ecological Economics & Economic Justice Books

Natural Capitalism
The Natural Step
Green Economics
Environmental Economics (2)
Green Economics
The Commons
The Race To The Bottom
Questioning Business
Committee For Monetary & Economic Reform (COMER)

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