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Green Building in Canada and Worldwide

Directory of green/sustainable building links, resources, organizations, jobs, courses and events.
A great starting point for healthy, affordable, low-energy construction and housing.

Green Building Links

About Green Building / Sustainable Building:
What is Green Building? (more) | Wikipedia Category | Google Directory (more) | Google Search | Green Building News
| Green Building in Ottawa

Green Building Councils/Networks/Organizations
Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) | Ontario Centre for Green Building Design and Development
| Cascadia Green Building Council | US Green Building Council

Green Building Education, Training, Courses, Workshops & Events in Canada:
Green Building Events, Workshops, Courses | Green Building Courses
| Training | Green Building Conferences | CaGBC Education | Endeavour Centre (Ontario)

Green Building Jobs:
Canada: Green Building Jobs at GoodWork Canada | CaGBC | Light House (BC)
USA: USGBC | USA Jobs in Green Building
More: Canadian green job sites

Green Buildings For Sale or Rent
EcoProperty Canada – eco-houses/homes, buildings, property, real estate for sale or rent in Canada

Specific Approaches and Standards

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)
What is LEED?Wikipedia article (more) | Search

Passive House / Passivhaus / Passive Building  (Editor's note: encompasses much more than "passive solar")
What is a Passive House? | Canadian Passive House Institute | Passive Buildings Canada  | USA Passive House Institute | Google Search | Passive House News | Training

Net Zero / Zero-energy Building
Zero-energy building | Low-energy building | Net-zero Energy Home Coalition (Canada) |
Google Search | Net-zero News | CanmetEnergy / Natural Resources Canada (article)

Active House / Aktivhaus — generates more heat and power than it needs
About Aktivhaus | more

Natural Building
Wikipedia | Google Directory | Search
Ontario Strawbale Building Coalition (more) (more)
Earth Construction – includes Adobe, Cob, Wattle and daub, Earth bag, Rammed earth, Stone
Timber Framing

Green Roofs |
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (more

Self-sufficient Homes / Autonomous Building
Autonomous Building (more) | Off-the-grid

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation (more) | Google Directory | Search | News

Renewable Energy (either grid-connected or off-the-grid)

Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) | Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) | British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association | Ontario Solar Energy Association | Solar Nova Scotia (2) | Renewable Energy Organizations in Canada | Google Directory | Wikipedia | USA | Home-made Power | Home Power Magazine | Off-the-grid | Off grid | FiT (Feed-in tariff)

Related Topics

Sustainable Community | Sustainable Living (2) | Green Business (2) | Green Jobs | Sustainable community energy system | Indoor Air Quality | Property Stewardship | Ecological Footprint | Sustainable Urban Planning | More


Ecovillages are frequently built with green and/or natural techniques, and extend the concept to the design of the whole community. What is an Ecovillage? (2) | Ecovillage Network of Canada | What is Cohousing? | Cohousing in Canada
Lists of Ecovillages & Eco-Communities:
Worldwide: Global Ecovillage Network (source) | FIC (Communities Directory)
Google Directory | Wikipedia's List of Ecovillages
Canada: Intentional communities in Canada | More (click "directory") | Cohousing
Google Search | Ecovillages listed on EcoProperty Canada
Europe: GEN-Europe | Diggers and Dreamers | Eurotopia | Wikipedia
USA: Ecovillage Network of the Americas | Communities Directory
Ecovillage News: USA | Canada

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