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(A) Introduction - What's the Fuss About Food?
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(A) Introduction

We all eat. But few of us have anything to do with the source of our daily fare. We trust that healthy and ample food will appear, like magic, in the grocery store. We trust the corporations, the "food system", that creates this apparent miracle.

But there are troubling questions. What are the effects of agri- chemicals - on consumers, farmers, farms, and the environment? Can industrialized, monocultural agriculture provide a healthy & secure food supply? How can we best feed a growing population, with a decreasing amount of farmland? Who are the vested interests, and who can be believed? What are the alternatives? What can you do, as a consumer, an eater, an activist, a citizen?

Many are trying to find and communicate answers to these questions. Next weekend is the annual "Guelph Organic Conference", probably Canada's largest event related to this topic. World-renowned food system analyst & author Brewster Kneen comes to Ontario with appearances in Guelph (Jan 27-28), Waterloo (Jan 29), Kitchener (Jan 29), Toronto (Jan 30), Edgehill (Jan 31), Lindsay (Feb 1) and Peterborough (Feb 2 & 3). Also, "Science & the Public Good", with Ralph Nader, Maude Barlow, Ann Clark and others, is being held in Ottawa on Fri. Feb. 16.

This issue of the Planet-Friendly focuses on upcoming events & resources related to food. Future editions will include additional listings as they come available (you can find them quickly by searching for "food" or "agriculture"). Keep this edition as a reference, or check it out online at

- Peter Blanchard

(B) Events, Courses, Links

* Events in Ontario: Toronto, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Lindsay, Peterborough, Ottawa, Morrisburg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver. Outside Ontario: Minneapolis, Oakland, Austin, Texas.

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* INTRO TO ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE, Thurs-Fri Jan 25- 26 & other dates & locations on demand, Guelph. Meet the environmental challenge head-on while reducing costs & increasing profits. Instructors are practicing ecological farmers. Soil ecology, manure management, crop rotation, weed control, livestock management, more. $130. More info: Ontario Agricultural Training Institute 416-485-5661 1-800-668-6284 [also: Ecological Farmers Association Of Ontario 519-335-3357 ]

* ORGANIC CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW, Fri-Sun Jan 26-28, Guelph. Canada's largest public, organic event. Organic trade show: organic food tasting & marketing fair (Sat 8.30am- 5:30pm & Sun 9am-4pm, FREE). Dozens of workshops & courses for all interest levels (all day Sat & Sun): organic home gardening, one-acre gardening as a lifestyle, home-craft organic products, organic cotton & textiles, herbs, organic processing, biotechnology & its relationship to organics, compost techniques, orcharding, BioDynamics, more. Eco-Agriculture course (Thur-Fri noon $130). Organic buffet / meet the presenters (Fri 4:15-6:45pm, $35). Forum: The Global Challenge for Organic Farming Systems, with Dr. Ann Clark (Plant Ag. prof.); Brewster Kneen (on corporate agendas, the WTO & organics;; Bernward Geier (IFOAM/Germany) (Fri 7-9:15pm, $10). Keynote: Dr. Ann Clark 'The Road Ahead' (Sat 9:15am). At Guelph University Centre. More info/schedule: 519-824-4120 ext. 2558. Sponsorship or trade inquiries: Tomas Nimmo 705-444-0923. Workshops: Can Organic Feed the World?; Corporate Agendas, gov't policy & WTO: can organic survive?; From Conventional to Organic: a sound, profitable transition; The One-acre Organic Garden as a lifestyle & a second income; City Harvest: commercial viability of urban agriculture; WWOOF: apprentice opps on 400 farms across Canada; Retailers & Chefs: the importance of supporting local organic growers; Biodiversity & Cultural Diversity in community gardens; Farmer-academic-trade Collaboration; also many practical workshops on everything from seed-saving to marketing your organic product. $10-$50 (for a day of workshops). Audio tapes available. [be sure to check out Jillian's Eco-bookshelf, on the lower level, Sat. only - ed]

* BIOTECHNOLOGY & CULTURE, Mon Jan 29, 4pm, Waterloo. With Brewster Kneen, author of Farmageddon. The relationship between culture & biotechnology. Talk & discussion. Presented by WLU Biology & Psychology departments. Free. Science Bldg., room N1002, Wilfrid Laurier Univ., corner King St. & Bricker. More info: Brewster's site:

* FARMAGEDDON: The Future of Food, Mon Jan 29, 7:30-9pm, Kitchener. With Brewster Kneen, author of "Farmageddon" and publisher of "The Ram's Horn" The safety of genetically modified organisms in everyday food; how biotechnology shapes our food system; and the restructing of life for corporate profit. Pay what you can. Kitchener Public Library Auditorium, 85 Queen St. N. (near Weber). More info: Neill Stewart, Kitchener-Waterloo Food Action 519-742-7092

* TRANSGENIC FOOD: THE CORPORATE CONSPIRACY, Tues Jan 30, 3:30-5:30pm, Toronto. With Brewster Kneen, food system analyst & author of Farmageddon. Ryerson University, Kerr Hall, Room W260 (enter the archway at 40 Gould St.; 2nd floor, west side of building) (near Dundas subway). Free. More info: Mustafa Koc, Toronto Food Research Network

* FARMAGEDDON & JUBILEE, Thurs Feb 1, 7:30pm, Lindsay. Talk & discussion with Brewster Kneen, renowned food system analyst and author of Farmageddon. Free, all welcome. Lecture Theatre, Sir Sanford Fleming College, Lindsay. More info: Gerry McCarthy 705-324-9262 Brewster's site: also related:

* GLOBALIZATION, FOOD & THE ENVIRONMENT - Grassroots Responses, Fri-Sat Feb 2-3, Peterborough. Panel (Fri 7:30-9:30pm): Brewster Kneen (author of Farmageddon); Stephen Strauss (science writer & member of the editorial board of the Globe & Mail, author of the forthcoming book Pigging Out); Bryan Welsh (Concerned Citizens for Our Environment, fighting the establishment of mega-farms in Peterborough County); Joan Smith (organic farmer from Warsaw, Ontario & long-time family- farm activist). Education/Action Workshops (Sat Feb 3: 9:30am- 1:30pm): Genetically-Modified Foods; Organic Farming; Megafarm Mobilization - with the previous evening's speakers & local resource people (sign up Friday night or pre-register). Champlain College, Trent University (Council Chambers - follow the signs upon entering main campus). FREE; child-care; all welcome. More info: Adele Finney 705-748-1680

* INTRO TO PERMACULTURE, Mon Feb 12, 7-9pm, Toronto. Learn about this ecologically-centred garden design philosophy - principles & application. With Permaculture instructor & consultant Richard Griffiths. All welcome. $5. International Student Centre, 33 St. George (just north of College). More info:
[related: ]

* CORPORATE SCIENCE & KILLER POTATOES, Mon Feb 12, 7:30-9pm, Toronto. With Arpad Pusztai, PhD, the scientist who was fired for exposing the dangers of genetically engineered food, and Susan Bardocz (as seen in NFB Film "Genetic Takeover - Mutant Food"). Pay what you can. Lash-Miller Room 159, 80 St. George (S. of Harbord). More info: Related: (Greenpeace, GENEaction, Foodshare, OPIRG)

* CHALLENGE TO SPRAWL MEETING, Tues Feb 13, 7-9pm, Toronto. Join our campaigns to fight suburban sprawl and clean Toronto's air & water. Hear presentations on our car-free Toronto & sustainable waterfront development campaigns. Free. 132 Indian Rd. (Keele subway). More info / RSVP if possible: Janet Pelley 416-538-2856 (Ron Burchell Group, Sierra Club of Eastern Canada; meeting usually second Tuesday of each month) {

* GENEaction, 2nd Wednesday monthly, e.g. Wed Feb 14, 7:30pm, Toronto. Monthly meeting & info session. Speakers & workshops on Genetic Engineering (GE) / Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMO's). All welcome; free. Room 212, 348 Danforth (upstairs at Carrot Commons, near Chester subway). More info: 416-406-2481 416-438-1254

* INTRODUCTORY BEEKEEPING, Wednesdays Feb 14 - Apr 25 (and 3 Saturday field trips), 6-9pm, Toronto. $20 per session; you must commit to all sessions; bursaries available. More info/register: Lauren Baker, FoodShare's Urban Agriculture Program, 416-363-6441 x25. (

* FOOD, SCIENCE & THE PUBLIC GOOD, Fri Feb 16, 8:30am-5pm & 7:30-10pm, Ottawa. The impact of genetic engineering on food, people & the planet. Day: panel discussions with moderator Rod MacRae (Ph.D., former director, Toronto Food Policy Council). Faulty Assumptions & Misguided Applications of Genetic Engineering, with Ann Clark (Ph.D., Professor of Plant Agriculture, U. of Guelph); Susan Bardocz; Julie Delahanty (Rural Advancement Foundation International); Warren Bell, (MD, President, Cdn. Assoc. for Physicians & the Environment). Ecological & Health Risks of Genetic Engineering, with Doreen Stabinsky (Council for Responsible Genetics); Michael Hansen (Consumer Policy Institute); Leanne Simpson (Indigenous Environmental Studies) Sound Science? with Katherine Barrett (Science & Environmental Health Network); Elisabeth Abergel (Biotechnology Policy Analyst) Public Interest or Commercial Interest? (Whistle Blowing) with Arpad Pusztai (Ph.D.); Michele Brill-Edwards (Department of Paediatrics, U. of Ottawa); Edwin Daniel (Professor Emeritus of Medicine, McMaster University & Chair, Working Group on Genetics & Biotechnology, Science for Peace, U of T. Evening: Maude Barlow (Volunteer Chair, Council of Canadians); Ann Clark (Professor of Plant Agriculture, U. of Guelph); Shiv Chopra & Margaret Haydon (Veterinary Drug Evaluators, Health Canada); Ralph Nader (renowned consumer advocate & U.S. presidential candidate). $10-$25. More info/register: Council of Canadians 1-800-387-7177 x250 613- 233-4487 x250

* TORONTO COMMUNITY GARDEN NETWORK, 3rd Monday monthly, e.g. Mon Feb 19, 7-9pm, Toronto. Monthly public meetings, speakers, workshops. At FoodShare, 238 Queen St. W. (downstairs, across from City TV) More info: Laura Berman 416- 392-1668 [please confirm]

* ECOLOGICAL FARMING DAY, Sat Feb 24, 8am-4:30pm, Morrisburg. Speakers, workshops, trade show. Keynotes: Darrin Qualman (National Farmers Union); Elbert van Donkersgoed (Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario); Eleanor Heise (Canadian Organics Growers). Workshops: Seed saving for the serious gardener; Managing the threat of weed competition; Organic beef production & marketing; A community-based food marketing cooperative; Subtle energies in food production; Cultural practices on a large field crop farm; Homeopathy for animals; The threat of GMO's on your farm; Managing microbial life in the soil; Using switch grass pellets as on-farm energy; Selling to food retailers. $10-$50 More info: 613-525-4114

* SEED EXCHANGE, Sat Feb 24, 10am-4pm. Toronto. At Black Creek Pioneer Village. Exchange & sales of open-pollenated & organic seeds. 416-736-1733 x5414.

* CLIMATE CHANGE & AGRICULTURE, Thurs-Fri Mar 1-2, Guelph. Presentations & discussions on the risks & opportunities of climate change & weather variability for the farming community. Producers, policy-makers, researchers. At the Arboretum Centre, U. of Guelph. More info: Ellen Wall 519 824 4120 ext 8480

* ORGANIC LANDSCAPE & LAWN CARE, Fri Mar 2, 8:30am-4:30pm, Toronto. Practical, up-to-date info about maintaining landscapes - including lawns - without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Tips for lawns being converted from chemically maintained to organic, use of corn gluten meal, soil, organic tree care, organic care of perennials, organic maintenance of high profile landscapes. For lawn care companies, landscapers, municipal employees, environmental groups, interested individuals. $80/$65 (incl. lunch). Civic Garden Centre, 777 Lawrence E. (at Leslie). Register: Janet May 416-596-7989 (Organic Landscape Alliance)

* GROWING GLOBAL: ORGANIC & NEW CROP Opportunities, Mon-Wed Mar 5-7, Edmonton, Alberta. The paradigm shift to organic/natural in the USA; new crops; herb industry; organic beef marketing; soil & animal health; US organic market access; organic industry dev't; buyer & seller marketplace / networking ( More info: Heather Shewchuk 780-422-7196 or Dr. Stan Blade 780-422-1789 [Province of Alberta, Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Development]

* SEEDY SATURDAY, Sat Mar 24, 10-4pm, Toronto. Exchange & sales of open-pollenated & organic seeds. Workshops on seed starting, more. Music, children's activities. Pay-what-you-can. Scadding Court Community Centre, Dundas & Bathurst. More info: Lauren 416-363-6441 x25 [location to be confirmed]

* NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE TODAY, Fri-Sun May 4-6, Toronto. 30th international conference. With special guest Margot Kidder. At the Royal York Hotel, Front St. W. (Union Station subway) More info: 416-733-2117

* ORGANIC CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW, Thurs-Sat May 17-19, Austin, Texas

* AGRICULTURE, FOOD & HUMAN VALUES, Thurs-Sun June 7-10, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Contemporary issues relating to food, eating, dietary, and nutritional behaviors; food & agricultural practices; public policies toward food & agriculture; and the history, philosophy, social institutions, and underlying values. Helene Murray, Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, 612-625-8235 (Agriculture, Food & Human Values Society; Association for the Study of Food & Society)

* AGRICULTURE, NUTRITION & HEALTH, Fri-Tues July 20- 24, Oakland, California. Annual conference of the Society for Nutrition Education.

* ORGANIC FEAST OF FIELDS, Sun Sept ??, 2-6pm, location t.b.a. An annual organic feast supporting organic agriculture in Ontario. Food & wine tasting, product sales, information tables & live music held in a different scenic location each year. Similar events in Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary (and soon in Halifax, Montreal & Winnipeg). Shuttle bus from Toronto. More info:

* VEGETARIAN FOOD FAIR, Fri-Sun Sept ??, Toronto. For vegetarians & non-vegetarians alike - learn more about making healthy, ethical & earth-friendly choices. Delicious food samples; international vegetarian cafe; cooking demos; speakers; videos; books; children's exhibits; over 70 exhibits; new vegetarian products. Free. York Quay Centre, 235 Queen's Quay West. More info: Toronto Vegetarian Assoc. 416-544- 8891 416-544-9800

* MORE EVENTS, courses, broadcasts related to food issues will be included in the weekly People- & Planet-Friendly e-newsletter. Subscribe | Submissions

(C) Organizations & Websites

(The first five are probably of greatest interest to consumers / eaters; the rest are somewhat more oriented towards farmers, students, researchers, journalists, scientists, activists, etc.)

* ORGANIC ADVOCATES - KNIVES & FORKS - excellent introductory website for consumers & interested persons. Includes extensive, annotated, Canadian links on organic food & agriculture & genetic engineering. Consumers' guide, introductory article on organics, cookbook, quarterly newsletter (print or downloadable PDF). 416-422-1944 1-800-719-9108

* FOODSHARE - food issues "from field to table" - the entire system that puts food on our tables: from the growing, processing & distribution of food to its purchasing, cooking & consumption. Innovative grassroots projects to promote healthy eating, teach food preparation & cultivation, develop community capacity & create non-market-based forms of food distribution. Community gardens, urban agriculture, promoting healthy homemade food, building a healthy food system, ensuring universal access to food, non-profit fresh fruit & vegetable distribution, kitchen incubator, power meals for the homeless, healthy babies eat homecooked food, catering, community kitchens, workshops, bi-weekly online newsletter, publications, links, FoodLink Hotline 416-392-6655 (listing over 1300 food programs in the City of Toronto), seeking volunteers. Education & Research Office, 238 Queen St. W., Toronto, 416-392-6653 Field To Table Centre, 200 Eastern Ave., Toronto, 416-363-6441

* INFORGANICS - listings of 1893 organic farmers, CSAs, Green Box Programmes, Farmers' Markets, organic businesses across Canada

* FARMERS MARKETS ONTARIO - website & brochure listing all the farmers markets in Ontario; assistance with creating or running a farmers market. Robert Chorney 613-475-4769, 1-800-387-3276 [one way to buy locally, if not necessarily organic - ed]

* ONTARIO NATURAL FOOD CO-OP - wholesale delivery of natural foods to retailers and buyers groups of five or more adults. 416-503-3663 416-503-1144 x233

* ORGANIC LANDSCAPE ALLIANCE.You can have a beautiful lawn & garden without using synthetic pesticides & fertilizers! Protect your family's health; protect the environment; improve soil health; increase diversity & native species; recycle & conserve materials & energy. Practical, effective, affordable. Call us to find a 100% organic landscaping service in your area. 416-596-7989

* CANADIAN ORGANIC GROWERS - national membership- based education & networking organization, representing farmers, gardeners & consumers in all provinces. Where to buy organics (annotated links), on-line discussion groups, local chapters, events, Eco-Farm & Garden Magazine, lending library, publications, more.

* ECOLOGICAL FARMER'S ASSOCIATION OF ONTARIO - a volunteer group that educates farmers about ecological methods of farming. Working to create an agriculture which maintains & enhances the health of the soil, the crops, the livestock and the farm community through the understanding of ecological principles. Quarterly newsletter, farm tours, workshops.

* ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE PROJECTS - Canada's leading resource centre for sustainable agriculture - nearly 100,000 documents organized in vertical files & thousands of books & journals. Thousands of documents are on their website (search by topic heading or keyword). Reviews & links to magazines.

* PEST MANAGEMENT - Website of resources related to pest management & pesticide reduction. Extensive links on Integrated Pest Management, Genetic Engineering, Organic Agric., "Pesticides, Human Health & the Environment", more.

* CAMPAIGN FOR PESTICIDE REDUCTION ONTARIO - a coalition of mostly citizen groups working towards urban pesticide reduction or elimination. Links to member groups across Ontario; health & pesticide links & resources. Janet May 416-596-0660

* CENTRE FOR STUDIES IN FOOD SECURITY - Issues of health, income & the evolution of the food system, including ecological sustainability & sociocultural diversity. News, food security course, conferences, publications, resources. Jennifer Welsh, Ryerson University 416-979-5000 x6931; Mustafa Koc 416-979-5000 x6210

* FACTORY FARMS IN ONTARIO - "The industrial facilities that now produce all those bacon burgers & chicken nuggets are among the nation's largest polluters" -Ken Silverstein. As the situation in Walkerton has brought into the forefront, intensive livestock operations are quickly appearing on the landscape in Ontario. They threaten our water, health & communities. Are in you interested in helping out with this campaign? Newspaper articles, letters, links, Walkerton, legislature contacts, more. [416-960-9606]

* RURAL ADVANCEMENT FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL - an international non-governmental organization headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Dedicated to the conservation & sustainable improvement of agricultural biodiversity, and to the socially responsible development of technologies useful to rural societies.

* AGRIC. BIOTECHNOLOGY INFONET - Excellent website on the costs, benefits and implications of food biotechnology. Includes new "teachers' page"; extensive, up-to-date resources, articles & links.

* GENEaction. Inform & inspire ourselves & others to act on the issue of GE food. Meetings, speakers, events, actions. Regular meetings: second Wednesday monthly. Room 212, 348 Danforth (upstairs at Carrot Commons, near Chester subway), Toronto. More info: 416-406-2481 416-438-1254

(D) Online, Print & Other Resources
key: [p] print only [o] online [po] print & online

* REAL FOOD FOR A CHANGE (book) - How the simple act of eating can boost your health & energy, knock out stress, revive your community and clean up the planet. Bring health, joy, justice & nature to the table! Learn about low-cost foods that deliver high value; find out how to improve your family & community's health in every food shopping expedition. The Real Food Revolution is just beginning! by Wayne Roberts, Rod MacRae & Lori Stahlbrand More info, ordering, e-newsletter, speakers available: 1-888-326-5444 [p]

* CONSUMERS' GUIDE TO EATING ORGANICS, 3rd edition. Info & listings for consumers, including 300 stores across Ontario, 100 certified-organic farms, a dozen organic delivery services in Metro Toronto, organic farmers' markets, and info about organic agriculture & genetically modified foods. Lists what each farm sells, and when & where you can buy their products. Print edition: $5 + $2.50 shipping. FREE, downloadable PDF versions: [po]

* ORGANIC GARDENING - bi-monthly print magazine. News, action, how-to's, message boards, free trial issue. [po] (only partly online)

* PERMACULTURE WEBSITES & RESOURCES - courses, resources, books: American Permaculture Directory: Permaculture Magazine - ecological solutions for everyday living - humane sustainable culture: Permaculture Activist Magazine (North Carolina): [po]

* STOLEN HARVEST: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply (book). By Vandana Shiva, World renowned environmental thinker and leader, physicist, winner of the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize. Available at Orders: 800-533-8478. Sonia Shah or Alexandra Etheridge, South End Press 617-547-4002. Progressive booksellers: Big bookstores: Related: [p]

* FARMAGEDDON: Food & the Culture of Biotechnology - the latest book by food system analyst Brewster Kneen. By the same author: From Land to Mouth:Understanding the Food System (2nd ed.), more. [p]

* WHO NEEDS FARMERS? Worldwatch Magazine, Sept/Oct 2000. Think twice about lettings Big Ag take over the global food supply. All over the world, independent farmers are being driven out of business - and forced into servitude on their own land. Yet, what we lose when we lose them may be the one link in the agrifood chain that we can't live without. Also: "The Case for a Local Economy". [p]

* PESTICIDES ON YOUR PLATE - Agricultural chemicals have slipped invisibly into every corner of our lives. We drink these poisons, we eat them and we breathe them. They accumulate in our body, and every mother has them in her breast milk. We know they kill fish & wildlife and that they cause cancers & reproductive disorders. So why are they still being used? And why aren't governments & corporations doing anything about them? Follow the poison trail from the big pesticide companies to your plate - and learn what we can do. Examples of how it's done differently in Australia, Thailand & Cuba. Full text of articles on-line: [po]

* PESTICIDES & CHILDREN'S HEALTH - "The cumulative effects of being exposed to many different pesticides over a lifetime represent an unquantified and unacceptable risk to all Canadian children." - May 25, 2000, Ontario College of Family Physicians & Canadian Environmental Law Assoc. "Children's Health Project" [po]

* KILLING FIELDS - Ecologist Magazine, special pullout section, June 2000. All over the world, farming is in peril. Problems & potential solutions. Tel. 44 (0)20 7351 3578 [po] (partly online)

* FOOD FOR LIFE, YES Magazine special edition, summer 2000 - articles by Vandana Shiva, Wendell Berry, David Suzuki, others. Partly online at: [po]

* THE RAM'S HORN - monthly journal of food system analysis, by Brewster & Cathleen Kneen. Brewster is the author of Land to Mouth, Farmageddon, and many other books. By subscription, one article each month is available online. Not copyrighted if source is indicated. More info: 250-675-4866 [po]

* GENETIC TAKEOVER / MUTANT FOOD (video). This excellent NFB video is now being made available, for free, to be shown to your group, school, church or office in the Toronto area. Also, a speaker could be provided to answer questions or moderate discussion following the screening. David Pickett 416-534-0224 [ ]

* SUPERMARKET TOUR - what evil lurks in the produce aisle? Learn about the food you eat; tips for safe & ethical eating. Booklet & tour available from OPIRG offices at various university campuses in Ontario. Try OPIRG-McMaster (Hamilton) 905-525- 9140 x27289 or WPIRG (Waterloo).

(E) E-mail Lists & E-Newsletters

* TORONTO COMMUNITY GARDEN NETWORK & E- NEWSLETTER - weekly e-mail newsletter with events, workshops, jobs, organic & community gardening tips. More info: Laura Berman 416-392-1668

* FOODNET-L MAILING LIST - discussion about food security issues in Ontario. To subscribe, send an e-mail to with the following command in the body of your email message: subscribe foodnet-l Questions: or

* BIODEMOCRACY / ORGANIC VIEW E-NEWSLETTER. To subscribe, send a message to with the message "subscribe". Free information packets available on organics & GE foods. More info: Debbie Dunbar Ortman, Organic Consumers Association 218-726-1443

* PEOPLE- & PLANET-FRIENDLY - environment, sustainable living, food issues, social justice weekly e-newsletter. Events, courses, broadcasts, opportunities, links, more. Based in Ontario.

(F) Organic Farm Visits, Apprenticeships & Travel

* WWOOF! World-Wide Orientation to Organic Farms Looking for something REAL to do this spring or summer? Want to live close to the land for a while? Want to learn about where our food comes from ...could come from? An amazing diversity of organic farms, gardens and businesses have opportunities from a few days to a few months where you can work in exchange for room, board, learning & fun! Locations across Canada and around the world. Get hands-on experience, make new friends & support the organic movement. Working/learning opportunities vary from organic farming & gardening, to cooking, activism, carpentry, business admin, creative work, childcare details are negotiated between you and the host. From solar-powered to strawbale homes, from herbs to orchards to rare-breed cattle, from swimming holes to gourmet cooking the variety is endless. Year-round. All ages. $30 fee for booklet describing 400 host farms, gardens & businesses across Canada. John Vanden Heuvel, WWOOF Canada, 4429 Carlson Road, Nelson, BC, Canada, VIL 6X3. Tel. 250-354-4417 (please call Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Pacific Time). (World-Wide Orientation to Organic Farms / Willing Workers On Organic Farms)

* ORGANIC FARM APPRENTICESHIP. Full season farm apprenticeship from mid-April to October (two positions). Work hard and receive intensive hands-on & classroom training in all aspects of successful organic vegetable farming, including greenhouse production, field planting, crop rotation, soil fertility, weed control, harvesting & storage, marketing produce, running a CSA (direct sales to local people), field record keeping, and financially sustainability. Monthly remuneration, accomodation, all-you-can-eat organic veggies, discounts on Everdale workshops (solar power, straw bale building, medicinal herbs, more). Everdale is a fifty acre certified organic farm & non-profit environmental learning centre, near Hillsburgh, one hour northwest of Toronto (ask for our 2001 workshop schedule). More info: Gavin Dandy 519-855-6533

(G) A Few More Links

* 416-490-0986
* (Canada)
* (Organic Consumers' Assoc. USA)
* (USA)
* (USA)
* (Org Trade Assoc, US/Canada/Mexico)
* (Pesticide Action Network North America)
* (Union of Concerned Scientists, USA)

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