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Farm share - Organic garden share - Home share
New Brunswick, Canada

We are looking for people who want to farm share
garden share and work together on one hundred acres.

It's a simple life but we will make things worth while.

Help community grow five acres of food (we know how).

Already have property manager and maintenance/construction.

The WHOLE FARM IS $130 thousand.

There will be NO membership fees we will work as people
that are friends and care for one another.

Everyone can have their OWN PRIVATE GARDEN, but taking things from the large gardens when they are IN season will be fine too.

We will have animals chickens ducks geese goats cattle.

Pets will be allowed but dogs will not be allowed to run free.
You must have a fenced in compound or kennel.

I am 24 and my brother is 16 my dad is 45 we have lived in the country for 22 years.

If you would like to see pictures of this farm you can email me
integrity msk*

If we don't get this farm we will be HOMELESS and we are looking for others that want to WORK TOGETHER and help each other.


Alisha Hillman
integrity msk*
or Twitter Singledad1234

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