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Where's the fun in Planet-Friendly?

We list lots of fun stuff – from get-covered-in-muck workbees, to building giant puppets... from skiing getaways to summer retreats on Muskoka lakes... from small, friendly parties to concerts and benefits... from wildflowers to wwoofing! Even the most serious of gatherings is often followed by drinks and good conversation at a nearby pub.

True, many of our listings deal with rather serious subject matter. But there is fun to be found – and made – everywhere. Most organizers welcome a helping hand – and if you can find a way to make the occasion more fun, social, or creative, you could make a real difference.

Make a point of trying out a variety of events, and you might just find rewards in unexpected places. Try something different each week or month. Try a talk, a festival, a hands-on workshop, a protest, an organizing meeting. Chances are, you’ll meet some great people, learn some things you didn’t expect to learn, and – especially if you participate or help out in some way – you’ll enjoy yourself.

Whatever you do, don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by the negatives. For every negative there is a positive. Some choose to battle the pesticide companies – while others prefer to learn organic gardening. Some protest against oppressive government policies – while others build supportive community in their own neighbourhoods. Do whatever works for you – be it serious, fun, or both.

"I had no idea all this great stuff was going on" ... "it's changed my life" – from two of our subscribers

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