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GREEN RIGHTS - transcontinental reading & speaking tour    Tue Oct 4, 2016, Ottawa, ON

Silver Donald Cameron's


The right to breathe. The right to clean water. The right to wholesome food.

Air, water, food – these are the sources of life. Without them, we die. And in most nations – more than 180 nations, in fact – citizens are legally entitled to these essential elements of life.

But not in Canada or the United States. And that's what the Green Rights multi-media project is all about: the human right to a healthy environment, and Mother Nature's right to be respected and protected.

These are Silver Donald Cameron’s words as he begins his cross-Canada tour to introduce his book, Warrior Lawyers, and his film that focus on his Green Rights Project.

He and his wife began their tour in Wolfville on September 19th. On Tuesday, October 4th they will arrive in Ottawa where the public is invited to the reception and screening of his ‘Green Rights’ film.

Date: Tuesday October 4, 2016
Time: 8 pm
Admission: free
Location: the Pearson Room at the Lord Elgin Hotel, Ottawa


A Film, A Book, A Journey
The Green Rights Multi-Media Project

The right to breathe. The right to clean water. The right to wholesome food.

Air, water, food – these are the sources of life. Without them, we die. And in most nations – more than 180 nations, in fact – citizens are legally entitled to these essential elements of life. But not in Canada or the United States. And that's what the Green Rights multi-media project is all about: the human right to a healthy environment, and Mother Nature's right to be respected and protected. The citizenship of North Americans is hobbled because we don't have these green rights. Canadians and Americans literally don't know what they're missing. So we're telling the dramatic stories of how citizens use those rights in other countries – and are fighting for them here. Green rights are among humanity's most powerful tools for protecting and repairing the natural world. The overall Green Rights project ( includes films at three lengths – 10 minutes, 45 minutes, 90 minutes – plus extended online interviews between Silver Donald Cameron and 15-20 major figures in the international environmental rights movement. It also includes Cameron's new book, Warrior Lawyers: From Manila to Manhattan, Attorneys for the Earth, now in the press.

The Films

The Green Rights films vividly portray remarkable legal battles in nations around the world: dramas in the courts and on the land. In Argentina, the Netherlands, Ecuador, the Philippines and elsewhere, devoted citizens and courageous lawyers take on national governments and international corporations – and win. The films, narrated by Silver Donald Cameron, also tell stories of Canadian and American citizens, activists and Natives who are fighting vigorously for the recognition of those rights.

The 45-minute film, set mainly in the Maritime provinces, was broadcast by the CBC in September, 2015 under the title Defenders of the Dawn. It can be streamed here:

The 10-minute film created for the David Suzuki Foundation's Blue Dot tour can be streamed here:

The full-length documentary Green Rights: Your Right to a Healthy World is currently in production. Its four-minute trailer is here: The film will be released in September, 2016.

The Green Rights project grew out of the subscription web site,, and the hour-long interviews at the heart of these films are posted on that site. The interviews are part of an 80-interview collection available to institutions and libraries through several educational distributors, including Gale Cengage, Kanopy Streaming, Films on Demand, Bibliolabs and McIntyre Media. Both the full-length documentary and the 45 minute Maritimes film will be available on The Green Interview site by the end of September.

The Book

Warrior Lawyers begins with a saucy, entertaining essay of 13,000 words exploring the concept of environmental rights, recounting some spectacular success stories rooted in those rights, and articulating the lessons and strategies that can be drawn from those victories. The essay is followed by lightly-edited Green Interviews with the 17 pioneering lawyers from eleven nations whose stories are at the heart of the essay. The book’s first readers have called it “moving, terrifying, inspiring,” “provocative,” and “visionary.” Author Alanna Mitchell says “you get to the end and you realize you have feasted on both revolution and hope.”

The book will also be released in September, 2016. For more detail – or to pre-order – go to

The Tour

In October, 2016, Dr. Cameron and his wife Marjorie Simmins will make a national tour by recreational vehicle, starting from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and ending in Vancouver. Ms. Simmins is an author as well, and her new book The Year of the Horse will also be published in September. She expects to do readings, bookstore signings and other events of her own along the route. The pair will test the idea and the presentations in the Maritimes in September.

In a university in each of the cities they visit, Dr. Cameron will deliver an illustrated lecture to a class in environmental studies, law, journalism or another related discipline. The lecture will be tailored to the discipline. For environmental studies, the lecture will be an abbreviated version of “The Most Important Idea in the World,” For law students, Dr. Cameron will provide a new lecture based on Warrior Lawyers. For journalism classes, Dr. Cameron will draw on his 45-year career as writer, broadcaster and journalist to speak about “The Art of the Interview” or “The Magic of Morphing: The Changing Face of Freelancing,” about the way a body of research can be spun into a range of different forms in a variety of media.

If possible – having become increasingly troubled by what might be
called “environmental despair” among young people – Dr. Cameron
would deliver his TEDx Talk, “What Can One Person Do?”
( ) to a broad
slice of the student body, perhaps under the auspices of the Student
Union. He will end the day with a public screening of the full-length
GreenRights film followed by a Q&A.

Overall, the two authors will visit about a dozen cities en route to Vancouver. The tour will begin with two preview screenings in Nova Scotia, followed by a grand premiere in Ottawa on October 4 hosted
by The Honourable George Furey, Speaker of the Senate. The tour will include several southern Ontario cities as well as Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary.

The Partners

The success of the tour will depend on the participation of several partners, but there's something in it for everyone. The partners will be acknowledged in the film credits, from the stage, and also on a dedicated slide at the end of each lecture.

Sierra Club Canada Foundation has been our fiduciary partner in the GreenRights film from the start, and we are constantly in touch as the feature film project advances. The David Suzuki Foundation and Ecojustice are the main promoters of environmental rights in Canada. Through DSF's Blue Dot movement (which Dr. Cameron hosted on its Maritimes leg) more than 125 communities have passed environmental-rights declarations, including most major cities. The Council of Canadians also firmly supports environmental rights, and Maude Barlow, its chair, has played an international role with respect to the human right to clean water.

With chapters, contacts and offices across the country, these partners can help us with ready-made audiences, and we can provide them with rallying events. Between them, the NGOs In our network have more than 300,000 members.

Participating universities will get a set of polished and entertaining presentations on topics of both current and academic interest, and at no greater cost than normal visiting lecturer fees – without, for example, the cost of travel and accommodation.

Our academic and library distributors will gain exposure with university librarians and faculty, who are their clientele.

Cinema Politica is an alternative film distribution network which intends to participate in the distribution of the film.

This tour directly addresses the mandates of the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) and the Environmental Studies Association of Canada (ESAC). We are approaching both organizations.

The publisher (if there were one) would also benefit greatly – but because the timeline for publication of Warrior Lawyers was so short, Dr. Cameron's own company will be publishing the book.

The ultimate beneficiary – and by far the most important – is the living world that sustains us all.

Contact: Silver Donald Cameron
sdc (at)


For more information:


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