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About PlanetVote Canada

PlanetVote Canada aims to facilitate communication and participation in elections, politics and government. PlanetVote's focus in 2006 will be the Canadian Federal Election and the Ontario Municipal Elections. We also have materials from the recent Ontario Provincial Election that are still of value.

PlanetVote is intended to serve a broad audience by covering a wide variety of topics and materials. It's an excellent gateway to the many resources, websites, media and other organizations related to government and politics in Canada.

In addition, PlanetVote provides highlights on peace, environment, and social issues in the context of the election, political parties, and government.

PlanetVote is an independent project coordinated by Peter Blanchard. It is run entirely by volunteers.

PlanetVote can be found on the Internet at

Please help spread the word! Forward the launch announcement or media release to your contacts, include our blurb in your newsletter, or create a link to the PlanetVote Canada website.

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