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Canada's Green, Environmental Events Calendar

This is the largest and longest running calendar of green and environmental events in Canada. For over 14 years, the Calendar has been used by hundreds of Canadian environmental groups, organizations, green businesses and educational institutions. Over 1,500 events, courses and conferences are posted each year.

Need to promote an environmental event, workshop, course or conference? Promote it here, there's no charge. The Calendar is frequented by green-minded Canadians, environmentalists and sustainability professionals who very much want to hear about your event.

To submit an event, just go the event form and fill in the info (as brief or as long as you like). Our staff will check and format your listing within 24 hours and contact you if there are any problems. For best results, please post as soon as you can — your event will stay on the calendar until the date(s) of the event.

The calendar can be seen at, the Canadian Environmental Network, other affiliate sites, plus Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Use the calendar to:

  • Find eco-events, films, workshops, courses, conferences, festivals and activities
  • Search by theme, province or location
  • Check back weekly (many events are posted on short notice)
  • Make the leap from participant, to volunteer, to organizer
  • Promote your own event, and plan ahead to avoid date conflicts
  • Find your niche and make a difference!

Do you know of any events that are not on the calendar? Please click here to Add an Event.

Add an Event

To add an event, simply use the Add an Event page. It only takes a moment, and there is no charge.

When's the best time to post an event? Now. The sooner you post, the more people will hear about your event. It will stay on the Calendar until the date of the event. Last-minute postings are also welcome.

What if the details aren't yet finalized? No need to wait until you have all the details. As long as the date of the event is at least reasonably firm, you could post a brief listing now and include a link to your own site where people can find more details and updates.

Other questions? If you have any questions, please contact the editor. Or go ahead and post it now – you can include any questions in the comments section. Each posting is reviewed by an editor before being published.

Revise an Event

To revise an event, please use the event revision page. If you have questions or have forgotten your password, please contact the editor.

Cancel an Event

There are two ways to cancel an event: (1) You can mark the event as cancelled by using the calendar revision page (put *** CANCELLED *** or similar text at the top of your event description). If you have questions or have forgotten your password, please contact the editor. (2) Or, contact the editor and ask them to remove the posting. Be sure to mention your e-mail address and if possible a phone number so we can confirm your request.


The Calendar began in 1998 as the People- and Planet-Friendly Events, a weekly e-mail bulletin of green, environmental and sustainable events. By 2001 it had thousands of subscribers, and in 2002 the web calendar was launched. In 2008 the Calendar was greatly expanded and improved. In 2010 the Canadian Environmental Network became a partner organization.

The calendar is a place where groups and organizations from across Canada can publicize their events free of charge. It used by a broad community of individuals, organizations and journalists from across Canada. The focus of the calendar is environment, conservation, sustainability and related themes. For example: Climate Change, Conservation, Ecotourism, Environmental Education, Green Building, Green Business, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Forestry, Sustainable Transportation, Waste Reduction & Recycling, Water Pollution, Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation.

The Calendar is a free service offered for the benefit of all Canadians. Please join with other green-minded Canadians helping build a healthier, more sustainable world!

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Founded and designed by Peter Blanchard in partnership with the Canadian Environmental Network.

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